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    Monday, July 02, 2012

    Tips To Manage Anger for Every Mothers

    Your anger may have negative effects on your child. Anger management is an important aspect which mothers need to take care of when it comes to raising children. Here are some helpful tips just for you to make your anger management regime easier. Read on to know more about it.

    At the outset, we need to get this clear that giving vent to our emotions through anger is very normal. Our current family situations are such that it becomes pretty hard at times for a household mom to keep her cool at all times. On an average, mothers are found to spend over thirteen hours in household chores and if she is working, the same amount of time is spent on office work.

    She changes around 7,300 diapers by the time her baby is two years old! For a preschooler, the mother needs to attend her child at least once in every four minutes or 210 times every day! She spends 2.7 hours/day on primary childcare in comparison to 1.7 hours/day, spent by dads. Above all, 88% of the laundries are done by moms. She also needs to multitask like speaking over phone, watching television, drinking coffee, eating and/or balancing the checkbook. Well, all these data are sufficient to infer that mothers do require keeping their cool even at the most tiring of the situations because, without her, the household would simply collapse!

    To begin with, there are certain aspects that you need to answer yourself:
    • Check whether you are getting enough sleep. Lack of sound and peaceful sleep always affects the mood. So, you need to take care of your body and see that you get plenty of sleep. If you feel tired after your morning chores, go for a quick afternoon nap.
    • Are you suffering from personal stress? Are there financial issues? These are factors that render a negative impact on our moods. If we know the answer, we can try to resolve the issues too.
    • If there is an illness, you may not be able to properly respond to family situations.Hunger can also result in a bad mood or ill temper.
    As you work on the answers for these issues, here are some effective anger management advices. 

    They are in the context of how you deal with your child.If you have the answers to the above issues and are aware of the behavior on the following aspects, you will be able better communicate with your child. This will in turn allow you to come closer to your child and understand his point of view. This is so very essential for a healthy bonding between a parent and child as well as plays an important role in the wholesome development of child. Your child will thereby be comfortable in your company and share his thoughts without any fear or hesitation.

    Take a break 
    You need to take some time out for yourself and collect your thoughts.

    Listen to what you are saying 
    Listen to what you are saying when you are yelling at your child. Remember, you are always setting an example before your kid. If you are saying something that you don’t want his to learn and repeat or something that you would not being said to you then, stop saying it.

    Chart out a plan 
    You must be aware on what triggers off your anger. Chalk out a plan in advance on what you would be doing when you are provoked. This will help you to control your reactions.

    Practice again and again 
    You must make a conscious attempt in your attempt to stay calm.

    Yes, sing your favourite song when you feel like yelling. Apparently it may sound weird, but once you practice it, you will find that this can magically minimize the bitterness and make you feel relaxed.

    Say sorry 
    If you have lost your temper and said or done something wrong, it should be a big deal to own it up and say sorry. It will not make you ineffective but only make you feel better. You are also giving a positive lesson to your child of accountability and responsibility.

    Go for a walk or workout 
    Physical exercise is a great stress buster. It helps you to relax and feel motivated and enhances focus.

    Spend some time away from your kids – Do something for your own self and take the help of a support system if needed. Meditation and aromatherapy can also help.


    1. I enjoyed the in-depth article on anger.
      I would like to add one more question: What am I afraid of?

      I was taught that anger is unresolved fear. Once we stop and ask that question, with thought, we dissipate our anger by fifty percent. As we ponder on the question, our focus becomes our search for the answer. When we find the answer (and we will) our parenting skills will be accelerated.

      Thank you for your useful articles.

      I would like permission to link to your site.

      Merry Mount

    2. Dear Merry Mount..

      Thank You verymuch for your valuable comment.


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