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    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Time Saving Tips for Moms

    When you become a mom, your household responsibility doubles and sometimes that leads to a lot of stress. You need to know how to handle your life when a baby is added to it. Motherhood is a wonderful experience and you do not want to spoil it by getting depressed. So here are a few tips which will help you to save your time and manage your life properly when a baby becomes a part of your household.

    Don’t leave unfinished work till the last minute: If you want a relaxing life then we suggest that you get things done as soon as they appear and do not leave any work for later. This way you won’t have any pending work and will get sufficient time to manage both your baby and your work.

    Wake the younger ones early: As it is the kids who take more time to get up, brush their teeth, take a shower and get ready, wake them up first then wake your husband or other older family members. This way everyone will be ready in time.

    Prepare a routine for your child: Prepare your child for day to day habits like washing hands before eating, brushing teeth before going to sleep, combing their hair when getting dressed. You can put attractive pictures demonstrating such habits. Pictures might have a better effect on the kid.

    Prepare a routine for yourself: It is not possible for you to get all your chores done in one day so make it a routine to complete a certain number of chores per day. This way none of your work will remain pending.

    Double appointments: If you are planning to take your kids to a doctor or for a haircut, you get the same appointments for yourself too. If you do not want it from the same specialist then get back to back appointments. It helps in time management.

    Make calls to ensure that your will get done: For example you have to meet your lawyer for some reason and cannot leave your kid behind. Call his office and make sure he will be there. Home deliveries of household items or calling the nearest supermarket to get your things for you while you go and just pay for it will also reduce your time.

    Shop on weekdays: Weekdays are the time when you will be free than weekends. Your kids won’t be with you and the supermarket is less crowded, the stock is also full and you get everything you want without the constant bickering from your kids. You will easily get a parking space and will get your shopping done in no time at all.

    Doubling of tasks: When you are doing a particular work which you feel will come in handy the next day too, double it. For example while cooking dinner make all the preparation for your kid’s school lunch for the next day. The next day will have one less work for you.

    Make every food double: If you are working mom then it is suggested that whenever you get the opportunity to cook, cook the dish with double portions. So that you can freeze it and later when you do not get time to cook, all you have to do is heat it up in a microwave and serve it to your kids.

    Lost and Found box: Every house with kids needs such a box. Whenever you find something that doesn’t belong to you throw it in the box. It becomes easy to search for lost items especially for kids.

    Take a break and spend some lone time: You do a lot of work, you take care of your kids, you manage your household chores and you even have a job. All this work is bound to stress you out. So take a break and contemplate on your life. Go to spa and relax.

    Hire a Babysitter: You need to have a life of your own too. So whenever you feel you need to spend some lone time or have a very important meeting at work then hire a good babysitter. It is better if the babysitter is a friend or a part of your family as you won’t be troubled about the safety of your baby.

    Rule out the tiring tasks from your schedule: There are a few daily tasks that tire you more than the other tasks, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself. Ask your husband or a friend to do those jobs for you.

    Say no if you’re not up to: Earlier you didn’t have another life depended on you, but now that you have a kid, we suggest that you focus your life on that and say no to the other extracurricular activities or volunteer work that you were a part of.

    Feel guilty, it lessens your sadness: If you are guilty about something face it and do not be scared of it. This will help you to overcome your depression and stress and you will be your cheerful self again.

    Do Energy Activities: Make a list of all the activities that energize you like jogging in the morning, power yoga, exercises, going to a gym, taking energy drinks and healthy foods.

    Balancing your life is close to impossible: It is a fictional story if someone tells you that they have a perfect balance between their maternal life, office life and household life. You can never achieve the perfect balance. So seize the moment and do whatever that comes your way. Let your heart decide what you should do. Only you can take your decisions.

    Get a love life: Do not always concentrate and worry about the household tasks that you have to do. Wear pretty clothes, look good and go enjoy some love. Plan a romantic dinner with your partner and enjoy yourself.

    Socialize: Sometimes when you have a kid at your house you totally forget about your social life and remain at home watching TV even when you’re free. That is not acceptable go out and have some fun. Catch up with old friends and socialize.

    Let your children be: We know that all parents want their kids to be special in something when they grow up but you cannot force them to be something they are not. Let them be, that is the secret of a healthy mom-kid relationship.

    All these tips are given with a view to help moms cope with their household chores, take care of their kids and also have a life of their own. Women are far more hard working and tolerant than men. You are bound go through all this and come out of it, victorious without even a scratch.

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