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    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    How To Prepare for Child's Stage Performance

    The first stage performance of a child means a lot to the parents as well as to the child. There are many moments of anxiety. Preparing your child for his First stage Performance requires more of a methodical approach rather than a disciplined approach. Follow the tips and watch out for a smashing performance of your child.

    The first stage performance is known to give butterflies in the stomach for even a veteran actor. But surprisingly most the kids appear to be some genius that they simply go out there have fun and leave the audience spellbound. Most of the times it the confidence that matters and therefore it is important to ensure that the confidence levels are high and this can be ensured through a good audition. Audition involves a set or rules regarding decorum and they simply need to be adhered to.

    Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your child for a splendid stage performance:

    Give Due Importance to Auditions
    As said earlier, give due importance to auditions. They are quite akin to job interviews where the real worth of the interviewee is accessed. So the first lesson here – teach the child on how he should behave. A disciplined behavior will not only help the child to understand what he is expected to do but follow cues and instructions properly too.

    Child should know his Part Well
    Make sure that the child is well versed with the play or story that he is going to be a part of. Or if he is giving a solo performance, be it a skit, a recitation, song or a dance, it is important the kid is aware of what exactly he is here for. He should know his part well.

    Focus on Building Confidence
    It is all about confidence. This confidence comes from repeated practicing. Use the time between the moment you have decided to make your child participate and the scheduled performance date. Get the kid well acquainted with his part.

    Make Rehearsals Fun
    Your rehearsals will result what the child feels during the final auditions. The rehearsals should be fun and exciting. Help the child understand his part and give him time to adapt himself with the action or the part he is playing.

    Be Supportive
    Be supportive and encouraging while he practices. Every time he falters do not make him feel that he has committed some mistake that he is not allowed to. Your persistent encouragement will only boost his performance and help him to perform better.

    Practice with Props and Music
    When the kid reaches his final stages of rehearsals, make him practice with props, music and makeup. Bring in all the additions carefully and slowly. Make sure that the child does not get overwhelmed.

    This is to make the child accustomed to what he will be doing onstage. The idea is to create an atmosphere that is similar to the one that he would be finding on stage. Once he gets acquainted with these, in his final audition and performance he will be casual with every thing that is happening around him.

    Maintain a cool attitude all the way through. Help the child feel that this is just another activity which requires some special preparation stages and it is fun all the same.

    Teach Child to Maintain Eye Contact
    Teach the child the importance of maintaining eye contact. For a successful stage performance, the actor or the performer needs to connect with the audience. And this can be easily done by maintaining a direct eye contact. Be a silent partner to your child and appreciate his attempt. Avoid being overtly critical or vocal every time.

    Finally, to ensure a smashing and knockout performance ensure that the kid’s energy levels are high. This can be maintained not by making gulp down bottles of energy drinks but by allowing him to remain stress free. Do not buoy him down by behaving as if a major event is coming up. Just be casual and assure the child that he is here to have fun and be assuring with your support. A smiling and relaxed child will enjoy the stage and might even bowl you out with some incredible improvisations as well!

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