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    Friday, July 27, 2012

    Teach Kids To Be Eco Friendly

    Global warming is a natural area of concern for our environment at present. Thus at such times the skill of environmental awareness should be possessed by the children. The methods should first be practiced by you as an adult and then gradually the children would learn by monitoring as well as observing these actions. Children love to point out the mistakes committed by an adult and then correct them. As a result the learning cycle would be completed.

    The society of today has almost turned apathetic to their surroundings. Most of the youngsters now days have a disorder known as the nature deficit but your kids can be made eco-friendly and also increase their love for our mother earth if some small steps are taken by you early.

    Following are some of the eco friendly steps that would prove to be helpful in guiding our children towards environment protection and which can also save our mother earth.

    • Specific places should be set up at homes to gather glass, plastic as well as newspapers. These materials should be accumulated by your children and can be taken to the nearby recycling shop.
    • If there is scrap around your place such as pieces of plastic then you can hand such things over to your kids and ask them to play some fun games sticking together those pieces.
    • A grocery bag that has been reused should be handed over to the child to use in schools. As a result of this their trash would be carried around by them the whole day.
    • Whenever you go out on a trip and make use of some plastic materials, recycling bins are almost impossible to find. You can yourself recycle such things by bringing them back home and reusing them.
    • Kids should be asked to help their parents in storing the plastic bags that are given by the stores. They can be reused later. Students as well as parents should be asked to use recyclable items for the purpose of educational projects. Paper collage made out of a magazine can prove to be quite helpful in instilling in our kids some green values.
    • Children should be given recycled printouts if they want to do some fun drawing.
    • Instead of making use of paper towels, kids should be instructed to use hand towels in schools. This provides an opportunity to the child on cutting on the trash that has been produced by them.
    • Resources such as water and energy are important and children should be taught the importance of conserving them. The water in your sink should not be allowed to run uselessly. Kids can help their parents in building a collection system for rain water so that rainfall can be captured.
    • If there is something that you have to buy from a store, ask the store guys not to put the items in plastic bags. Allow your kids to carry the items back home with you if they are small.
    • Children should be taught to switch the lights off as well as the electrical appliances whenever they are not to be used. Set an example for your kids by sitting together in a single room. This would help save the electricity as well.
    • Such small steps taken by you can create a huge impact on our children. Kids would learn to reside in harmony on our mother earth and would also learn to maintain its natural beauty. Each effort that we make whether it is small or big would contribute towards creating a healthier environment.
    Thanks To : Yoganathan

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