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    Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Six Basic Needs of Children

    There are six basic needs of the children that should be fulfilled at the right time. These needs continue for the life time. Everyone tries his level best for completing these basic needs. Also teach your kid how to become more responsible and confident in life. This is a step by step process in which you should start from the first level. It is very difficult to fulfill the second need if first need is not completed. This is a life time process and it may take your complete life for reaching the highest level. Make your child independent and teach him how to set goals in life and how to complete those goals.

    Level 1 - Basic body needs of the kid
    You should accept your child unconditionally. Every human being has different body structure and capabilities. But number of body needs are common like fresh air, nutritious food and regular sleep. You could encourage your child positively. They should feel confident about their sexuality and behavior. Also teach them real value of life. Make them more responsible in their personal life. Babies think in a different way. You should try to understand their behavior in the same manner.

    Also teach your child healthy and clean habits. Make your child comfortable and relaxed if he is stressed or depressed. Make exercise as the daily routine of your life. This is the best style of maintaining physical fitness. Also properly guide him about sex and sexuality. Your child should feel proud about himself. Don’t scold your kid for small mistakes. It will make him under estimate and he will feel ashamed about himself.

    Level 2 – Make your child safe and secure
    Kids are completely dependant on the parents. It is their duty to give them a safe homely environment. They also expect presence of their parents at the home. Only parents can make them brave and confident in their personal life. The training starts from an early age. Children imitate the actions of the parents. You should be loving and respectful for everyone. Your angry nature can be dangerous for their future. Every child makes mistakes. Now this is your duty how you will handle those mistakes. You should be calm and patient. Use open communication language with your kid.

    Give emotional support to your child whenever he required. You should think about your kid first after that you can think about yourself also. Promise a safe and pleasing environment for your kid where he can practice healthy habits. Parents should also learn how to control the critical and worst situations.

    Level 3 – Express Affection for your child
    Parents should make their child realized that how much they are special for them. Don’t forget to express your affection for your child. This is the way to acknowledge your kid how much they are loved by the parents. All parents are caring and loving but some of them are not able to express their feeling in the right way. Also spend good time with your kid and teach him reading and writing. Don’t forget that child learn everything from the parents. Only parents can set examples for their babies. So you should be careful about your response with others in front of your child.

    Affection is a nice thinking that makes a strong bond among the family members. Kids also get a healthy support from the family and they are able to handle disappointments easily. They become stronger and more confident in life. Make your child enough capable to deal with difficult emotions in life.

    Level 4 – Needs for Self Esteem
    Children demand unconditional and true love from the parents. Children want to realize that they are normal like other kids. You have accepted him with his behavior and actions. Don’t make him feel badly for his weakness or negativity. Help him to be competent and respectful for others. Assign small tasks to the child and encourage him to complete those tasks. Once he has completed his assigned work then you should praise him so that he can continue the same behavior in his future. Make your child self disciplined and more responsible. These small things are necessary to keep in mind for a bright future of your kid.

    Also make him a good decision maker in his life. Give him various options and ask to choose the best one. In this way, his decision making capability will improve. Teach him the value of relationships and good behavior in personal life.

    Level 5 – Needs for good understanding and knowledge
    If you want to see your child knowledgeable and successful then he must have the good understanding and positive experience in life. These are the essentials elements for a healthy and successful life. Bless your kid with reward for his good behavior. Assign responsible tasks to your child regularly. Babies learn different experiences from schools, television, relatives and friends. You should also take your child to market and tell him names for household products. Also ask him to visit museums and shopping center with you.

    Only parents can bless his child with understanding and knowledge that is precious for him for the complete life. You should also play interesting and significantl games with your child for increasing their understanding level. Also help your child in his homework and teach some creative tasks to your child. You should also teach your child how to behave properly in society. For this purpose, you should also participate in social activities.

    Level 6 – Needs for Harmony and Beauty
    You should share your dreams with your child and also encourage your kid to dream. Make him realize the beauty of nature. Also create an interesting harmonic environment at your home with art and music. Encourage your child for drawing, painting or other creative tasks. Ask your child for developing a different style of his own.

    The main objective of the all levels are to develop properly and to achieve the personal goals. These all levels make him independent and more confident in his personal life.

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