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    Friday, July 06, 2012

    How TV Programmes Influence Children

    Have a quick look at how TV serials can affect children positively and negatively.

    Positive Influence of TV Programmes

    Some good TV programmes have good effects on children. In fact TV shows for children on some channels like Discovery or National Geographic Channel can increase child’s knowledge. Such knowledge is a must have in this competitive age. It is necessary on part of parents that they encourage their children to watch such shows.

    There are also some TV programmes which help children understand the importance of proper nutrition, health and exercise. Apart from that, children also learn a lot of things which are helpful in their academic and future life. They can also watch quiz contests which increase their general knowledge. Parents should motivate their child to take part in such quiz contests on TV. Some TV programmes also provide opportunity to prove child’s talent in dance, acting, painting, win scholarships etc; which can prove beneficial for child. However, parents should not force children to watch such shows if their child is not interested.

    Negative Influence of TV Programmes

    Along with the positive effects, TV programmes can also have negative impact on children. TV programmes affect the behaviour of child the most. Most of the children watch cartoon films. They get infatuated with it so much that they start using the dialogues used by their favourite cartoon characters frequently.

    If accidentally, children watch the TV programmes meant for adults, it can prove dangerous. Such TV programmes are based on the concepts like divorce, crime, murders etc; which can have a very bad impact on child’s mind. At times, unwanted thoughts may start coming to their mind which can divert their attention from studies and force them to do undesirable things. It can create disturbance in child’s life and make his or her life stressful. Watching TV for longer time can also deteriorate child’s health.

    How to Avoid Negative influence of TV Programmes?

    Here are some tips for parents which they can follow to prevent negative influence of TV programmes on children.
    • Keep track of the time spent by your child watching TV programmes and find ways to reduce the time. However, avoid yelling or forcefully shutting the TV set.
    • Make a note of the TV programmes which your child watch and find out if they are suitable for your child’s age or not.
    • Encourage your child to watch good TV programmes which can help improve knowledge.
    • Avoid watching TV programmes which are not meant for children in front of your children. Once they see you watching these programmes, even your children may want to join you. Therefore, you should avoid watching such programmes when children are around.
    • Do not force children to stop watching TV. Make them understand calmly and softly about the side-effects of watching TV programmes which are not meant for them. If you force them, they may find out other ways to watch TV. For example, they may start watching TV when you are asleep.
    • Do not cut the cable connection if your child is not listening to you as such things may make them aggressive. If you want to stop them from doing something tell them sweetly or give them reward for not watching TV on a particular day.
    • Play with your child or purposefully indulge them with you in completing household chores if they are watching useless programmes on TV. Try to occupy them in some other tasks to divert their attention from TV.
    It is very necessary that parents continuously monitor what child is watching on TV. Parents should also keep in mind that computer is slowly taking place of TV. However, parents need not worry if they do not have internet connection as internet connection can enable them watch TV programmes on computer as well. Therefore, parents should be alert and be in the loop of these changing times.

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