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    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    How To Reduce Morning Stress

    Women have to shoulder so many responsibilities whether it is handling the office or it is managing the family. Women are perfect in anything they do as they are always ready to give their best to any responsibility which is given to them. Though one gets tired but if there is a proper schedule, things will be more managed and you will have peace during the morning session. With the help of proper planning you will be able to do all the work on time and also enjoy a sip of tea in the morning. If you are a mom and wish to handle things in a convenient way then here are a few simple tips to help you.

    Tips to reduce stress in the morning

    Get them back to their original routine
    If your kids go to school and the summer vacations are coming to end then the best thing is to make them used to the original schedule. Around two weeks before when the school opens you can ask them to get early and follow the schedule. This will ease you when the school opens as by that time the children will be well versed with school timings and other routine work.

    Nice music in the morning will make them active
    If your children love music then play a few tracks in the morning to make them feel refreshed. This will give them energy and they will do their work fast.

    Be prepared beforehand
    The home should be properly managed so that you can find things easily. Pack the bags of the kids and arrange their bottles, bags and shoes during night only. This will save your time during the morning session when you have other things to do. Also if possible prepare his tiffin before waking him up so that you can concentrate only on getting him ready for school.

    Keep it simple silly
    Morning session is a crucial time so never involve in too much of cooking but prepare a simple breakfast which is healthy for your kids. Save the other dishes during the week offs. You can also go for some processed food like cornflakes and other stuff which can be easy as well as simple.

    Do not wait for the final moment
    First you should get ready and then make your kids ready for the school. In this way you and your kids can move on time. Do not wait for the last moment to get ready as this would increase the confusion. Moreover kids become very impatient when they are ready, so its better you get ready before him.

    Make them do little jobs
    Prepare your kids to keep their room tidy. Ask them to place their books as well as other stuff at the right place. Give them appreciation once they complete their work. This will boost their moral and they enjoy doing their work.

    Prepare a time table for your child
    You can prepare a chart which is the list of morning tasks. For example get up and brush your teeth. Have a bath and get ready for school. Comb your hair and take your breakfast from the table. These charts are useful and easily available in the market.

    Early to bed and early to rise
    You will have to get up early in the morning because if you are late the schedule will go wrong. So sleep on time so that you get complete sleep and get up fresh the next day. Apply the same thing for your child as well.

    Do not panic
    Stay cool in the morning and do not force your children to rush with all their work. This will hamper their performance and they will be slower. The mothers are the role model for their children so complete your work on time as kids will learn from you only.

    Do yoga
    Get up early and perform yoga. Yoga is a great stress buster and would also keep you fresh and active for the whole day to match up with the energy and tantrums of your child.

    Thus if you adhere by these tips you will surely be the best mom in the world

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