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    Monday, July 23, 2012

    How To Handle Lying Child

    Oftentimes, it’s very common to see children telling small lies on various matters. The obvious truth is that most children have the tendency to tell lies but it takes a responsible parent or guardian to correct them. Telling lies is never part of children lives as some people posit. It all depends on the kind of training the children are given especially from home. If you're a parent and you have a child that tells lies often, there are certain steps you can take to address such occurrences. Let’s examine them.

    Don’t Flare up in Anger Immediately
    When your child tells a lie, you don’t need to flare up in anger right in front of him. You simply hold your temper and ponder on the reason for such behaviour. You need to weight the lie and find out why your child has uttered it. This helps you to know the right step to take in correcting the child later on.

    Correct the Child Calmly
    When you must discovered the reason behind such ugly behaviour, the next thing to do is to call the child by your side and correct him or her calmly. You need to explain to him the dangers of such attitudes and the right steps to take when next he or she is faced with such a situation. This helps the child in learning responsible behaviours.

    Be a Role Model
    Children copy their parents a lot. If you’re given to telling lies before your child, he or she is likely to imbibe the ugly attitude. In most cases, attitudes learnt from parents are very difficult to stop. Children believe in their parents and hence will always like to imitate them. If you’re a parent, you must never tell lies in front of your child. You need to be a role model of truthfulness. This helps the child to imbibe the right attitude.

    Take Corrective Measures
    If your child is in the constant habit of lying, make sure you take punitive measures at the right time. After correcting him or her for some time, and the ugly behaviour continues, you need to introduce little punitive measures to nip the ugly habit in the bud. You can deny the child some little pleasures just to correct the ugly habit.

    In all, make sure you encourage the child whenever he tells the truth. Always take time to teach the child the importance of saying the truth always. You can always use biblical examples to drive home your point.

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    1. "Be a Role Model" that influences children
      yet again, a page valuable page from a book for parenting... well done


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