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    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    How to Deal With Lying Teenagers

    There may be many reasons why your teen is lying and you need to know the real reason behind the lie. The reason may be wrong crowd or defensive nature. You have to work on the real reason so that you can manage his lying behavior. There may be any reason behind the lying attitude but you may have to face serious consequences because of this attitude. 

    Here is a list of facts that can teach you how to deal with lying teenagers.

    • First of all you should accept that your teen will lie. This understanding makes the things easy for you and you can confidently deal with your teen. Your objective behavior makes you more aware and you can easily identify when your teen is lying.
    • Lying attitude is most commonly associated with defensive nature. If your child becomes defensive during communication then he is lying with you.
    • Maintain an eye contact with your teen for checking his confidence. If he is telling lie then he looks in other directions and avoids eye contact with you. They usually shout for convincing you that they are telling truth.
    • Body language and details also reflects the attitude of the lying teenagers. Teens normally avoid giving details when they are lying or they unnecessarily give you explanation for unwanted things. Their story normally changes every time when you ask them to repeat it again. He also becomes nervous when he is telling lie.
    • If it is suspected that your kid is lying then you should give immediate attention for avoiding the worst situation in the future. Make them realize that you trust them and their lie is making the relationship weaker among them. You should not become rude when your teen is telling lie. In fact handle the situation with love and great care. Your rude behavior can encourage him for telling more lies in the future.
    • Parents should also teach their teens the meaning of a true and respectful relationship. Parents should also be honest for their teens because children learn a lot from their parents. You can easily make the situation under control if you take hand to take action at that time. Parents should also know how to deal with this tough situation. Your immediate attention can make the situation under control soon and child also tries to give his best for meeting the expectation of the parents.
    • Don’t make your teen realize that he is a liar and not completing his responsibility properly. Sometimes he has to lie only because of negative consequences and parents should also understand the situation of his child why he has to tell lie with his parents.
    • You should not jump immediately that your teen is telling lie every time. Analyze the situation carefully and try to understand it deeply. When you are sure about the fact that your teen is telling lie only then you should take some action.
    • One you are sure about the reason why teen is telling lie then you should work on the cause so that lying attitude can be avoided in future.

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