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    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Good Parenting Tips for Shy Children

    Shyness is the common issue noticed in the kids. It is not an easy task to solve the issue. Only parents can help them in becoming more confident and responsible. There may be different reasons for shyness in your child. It is necessary to identify the main reason so that you can eliminate it from the root. Some of the reasons require professional attention also. Some kids are shy in giving presentation before class. Some hesitate to meet new people. Some children are not able to communicate properly. You should work at the basic root for making your child more confident among others. You will be surprised that most of the shyness problems can be treated through effective social behavior. In this article our main focus is to discuss the parenting tips for shy children.

    Change your perception as parents

    Shyness is a common characteristic in small kids but its persistence can be dangerous for the future of your child. With increasing age, shyness vanishes slowly. There may be a lot of factors for permanent shyness in the young kids. The reason may be genetic characteristics in the kids. The other reason for shyness may be overprotective parents. If you want to make your child confident then you should opt for necessary changes in your parenting. Family members may also be the reason for shyness in small kids. So parents and other family members should behave properly and confidently in front of child.

    Don’t be ashamed instead overcome the problem

    Parents should not get ashamed of shyness if their children are suffering from this problem. The situation may be critical for the adult kids but parents can make it fine through their experience. The most important thing is to make your child comfortable in every possible situation. The most reason of shyness is feeling uncomfortable among other social people.

    Make your child independent and give him space as well

    Never force your decision on your child. Make him free to enjoy his life and let him take important decisions of life. These all things will make your child more comfortable and confident between others. Shyness is not a personality characteristic. It is just a problem with behavior that can be treated easily by parents.

    Make your child more expressive

    Teach your child how to express and behave properly in the crowd. Training of a child starts from his home at an early age. Accept the problem if your child is also suffering from the same issue. According to stats, 50 percent kids are suffering from the issue of shyness. After sometime, they become confident and expressive only due to effective parenting.

    Boost your child’s morale and set examples

    Meet your child with confident people that were shy in their childhood. It will increase their confidence and thinking level. Even the great leaders and famous celebrities are included in this list. Tell them stories of great people and how they overcome the issue. This will boost up the confidence of your child and they will also try to reassure. Parents should also behave confidently with their kids instead of average shy people. This greatly affects the behavior of a child.

    Spend quality time with your children

    Stay in touch with your child. Kids become shy when they become less in contact with their parents. So parents should spend significant time with their kids regularly. Communicate with them and ask them questions like what did they do at school or how was their day in general etc.

    Enhance their talents

    Try to enhance their inner talents. Give them a chance to express themselves before others. Also assign them some responsible tasks and praise your child if he is able to complete those tasks efficiently. These behaviors by the parents ensure the amazing results for the shy kids. Make him realize that how beautifully his talent is appreciated by other people. In this way, he would be able to interact positively in the society.

    Be a role model for your child

    Children are greatly affected by surrounding environment. Whenever you meet with new people, you should say hello to them. You should work as the role model for your child. Also make a list of the things in which your child feels comfortable and other list for uncomfortable situations. Now you should work on negative points. Try to include negative points in the comfortable zone. Parents should be frank with their child and even with other people in the society. Compliment other people if you like their attitude. Children learn good things only from their parents.

    Encourage your child to be a social person

    Involve yourself in social activities and also teach your child how to behave in the society. If your child is making mistake then don’t embarrass him in public. It can have adverse effect on your child. Fifty percent reason of shyness between kids is their shy parents. If parents want to make their kids confident then they should work on themselves first.

    Start early to build up good social habits

    Most of the parents are aware about right education time. They should start social training at an early age. Shyness gradually increases with time. It would be better to treat it at an early age. Decide play dates for your child when he could interact with new people. Also teach your child how to speak in group and how to exit from group. Also teach your child importance of good friends and how to make friends at an early age. You can ask your child to read good books that can help him in becoming a confident citizen. You can easily find these books at children library. Practice of social skills start from your home. Make a healthy environment at your home for your child. Invite your neighbors and friends at home for dinner. Ask your child for interacting with your friends and relatives. Make social habits as natural routine part of your family. You should also spend healthy and significant time with your child. Shyness is not an illness or weakness. It can be treated effectively through creative ideas. Everyone should learn social skills at an early age. Parents should also understand their duty for kids.

    Children are not enough mature and they become upset even for a small problem. Teach your child that failure is not the end of your life. This is just an impressive style for learning new and creative things. Negative circumstances make you stronger and creative in future life. We should try to learn from every step in our life.

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    1. I do think that "shyness" is as much a personality trait as being "outgoing" and a child that is more reserved shouldn't be told that they "have a problem" that needs to be solved because it will ruin their self confidence, not build it. :/ There is nothing wrong with an introverted child and if we were really going to respect them as an individual, we would let them shine in their own way.


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