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    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Checklist For Travelling with Preschoolers

    Start travel training with your child at an early age. Mentally prepare them for the travelling in flights. Tell them in advance that they have to wait at the airports for a long time. They also have to stand in queue during check in for the flight. At that time, it is necessary to be disciplined. Here are some important facts that can help you how to travel with preschoolers.

    Children carry their own small backpack
    Ask your child to carry small bags with his favorite goodies to keep him busy during the entire travel time. Size of bag should be very small that can be easily carried by your child. If it is heavy then keep some heavy stuff out of the bag. This is also a convenient option for the parents as they have to carry small luggage in comparison. You can easily travel with your children in buses, trains and flights.

    Pre-Board and In-flight Entertainment
    Also look at the other activities of children during travelling. It would be better to carry some small games like cards with you. You can also enjoy these small games with your child. You can also carry some drawing papers and colored pencils with you. This is the best solution to keep them busy for a long time. Don’t prefer games of heavy weight with you. Also make tem familiar with necessary travel rules. This would make them more responsible and disciplined.

    Use an inexpensive umbrella stroller
    It is highly recommended to use an inexpensive umbrella stroller with preschoolers. You can carry this stroller with your bags easily. It is easy to fold and you can easily carry this stroller in tight security areas. Your preschooler can hold this stroller for a long time. Even in case of damage, this is not a big loss for you. This option is also interesting to use for your child.

    Escalators or Elevators
    Escalators demands practice with preschoolers. It would be better to use elevator instead of escalators with preschoolers. Usually , elevators and escalators are available very close. Don’t prefer to use stroller onto an escalator.

    Preschooler tether
    You can also get a preschooler tether for your child. This tether is safe to use and available in various creative designs like monkey, dolls and teddy bears. This preschooler tether is easily available in market and department stores. Some parents use it as a regular tether. It is recommended to use preschooler tether for special occasions only.

    ID bracelets for your toddler
    In crowded places, it is highly recommended to use ID bracelets for your child. Personal information and your contact numbers are written on this ID bracelet. This bracelet is divided into two categories. First is reusable bracelets and other is disposable bracelets. This is the best security option during travel.

    If you are travelling with more than one preschooler then this is not a matter of worry at all. You can easily manage this with great attention. Just explain him all security rules before starting your journey. This will makes the situation smoother for you.

    Car Seat on Board
    It would be better to buy a separate ticket for your child. It will save lots of hassle and headache. Most of airlines don’t charge any money for the kid less than two years. But separate ticket a better option if it is available next to you. A new program CARES is also started for children safety. This is the easiest and safe solution for your child. In the modern trend, CARES program is highly recommended for your child. This program doesn’t demand for extra cost from you.

    Use backpack instead of diaper bags
    Backpacks are featured with multiple pockets and you can store all kid’s stuff inside this bag. These bags are available at reasonable prices in market. You can also get them from Internet. These bags are available in various different stunning colors and sizes. These backpacks are excellent option when you are travelling with your preschoolers.

    Thoughts on early boarding
    Don’t opt for this option for small journeys. In case of long journey, early boarding is an excellent option for you. This is a very comfortable option during travel with your preschoolers.

    Don’t prefer to carry liquid snacks with you. It would be better to take some snacks to eat. Most of the flights don’t allow carrying more than three drinks. So it is necessary to make careful selection. Most of the preschoolers don’t like to eat the food offered in flights. In that case, it becomes crucial to carry some tasty snacks with you for your preschooler.

    Carry two t-shirts with you
    Some children suffer from vomiting during travel. In that case, it would be better to carry two t-shirts with you. Sometimes, you don’t find any convenient place to unpack the luggage. Preplanning can make your travel more interesting and safe.

    Plastic Zipper bags
    Also carry a plastic zipper bag for storing dirty diapers. You can store baby wipes in plastic bag. It can also be used for snacks and other baby items.

    Electronic Devices
    In most of flights, it is not allowed to carry electronic devices like headphones or video games. Make your child aware about this fact in advance. Electronic devices can interrupt the pilot work. So they are usually asked to keep turned off. Also leave the noisy devices at your home.

    Ear Pain
    If your preschooler is prone to ear pain then you can opt for several options. Mostly children suffer from this problem during takeoff. For an infant, it would be better to select breast feeding option. You can also try a lollipop or chewing gum. You can also go for a queasy pops product for resolving this issue. You can also try ear plane product for reducing the pressure during flight.

    Unfriendly passengers
    Preschooler is afraid of strangers and he starts crying. Make him aware about strangers in advance. Teach him that he has to travel with a number of unfriendly passengers. In that case, toddlers would be familiar with this fact in advance.

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