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    Sunday, July 01, 2012

    Basic Parenting Tips For First Time Parents

    The first year of your baby's life can be an overwhelming and exciting one. Don't expect to be great and perfect at everything you do everyone learns from scratch. Here are some of the most common mistakes that parents make during their baby's first year and how you can avoid them...

    Getting anxious over everything
    It's OK if your baby is spitting, vomiting or crying. Don't get stressed over it all the time. Your baby's bowel movements will get normal soon. Don't worry if your baby is spitting too much of if he/ she is getting enough to eat or whether the crying is more than usual. Pose all your doubts to your pediatrician and put your fears to rest.

    Worried about crying
    No matter what, your baby will cry it does not mean that you're doing something wrong and that you need to fix it. Babies are designed to cry. You can change your baby's nappy, wrap them up, feed them and they might still cry. Don't freak out  more often than not, crying is just part of being a newborn. However, if you baby cries inconsolably for more than an hour, call your doctor.

    Waking your baby up for milk
    Your baby will cry for milk when he/ she requires it. Avoid waking them up in the middle of the night just because you think they might be hungry. Breastfed babies can sleep through the night. If they need milk, they will wake up themselves. Don't spoil your own or your baby's sleep if feeding isn't required.

    Confusing vomit and spit up
    All babies spit up. Don't think that they're throwing up their meal. If your baby is vomiting at regular intervals (around 25 to 30 minutes), something could be wrong.

    Fixing a car seat
    Taking your three-month-old baby out for a drive may seem like fun but make sure that the car seat you've installed is fixed properly. Ask for help if you aren't sure. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Forgetting oral care
    Just because your baby doesn't have teeth, doesn't mean they don't need oral care. Take a soft cloth and gently dab your infant's gums. Once teeth start erupting, avoid giving your baby a bottle in bed. This will help avoiding cavities or baby bottle decay. You can start using a soft tooth brush meant for babies when your child turns one.

    Arguing with your partner
    Remember that parenting is a shared partnership. While taking joint decisions are fine, don't try to put your partner down by making them feel they are inadequate and don't neglect your marriage either. While you both focus on the new baby, don't forget that you're also a couple. If you find yourself arguing a lot with each other, remember that even a four-month-old baby can pick up vibes.

    Listening to all and sundry about parental advice
    How many people have advised you on how to hold your baby, how to feed and burp him/her, why your baby is crying and how he/she should be bathed? While suggestions are always welcome, don't act in haste and do what everyone has to say. Your child is unique what works for another child may not work for yours.

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