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    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    Basic Body Language And Its Lessons

    Body language, as we all know is gaining knowledge from the postures of somebody’s body. Whether we are feeling happy, sad, or anxious, can all be told by way of body language? Body language has been a subject of immense research over the years. This is one subject wherein you can never get enough information.

    Body language is something that says everything about our thoughts at any given point in time, so on the exterior we may try to show something else, but our body language will say it all.

    Some lessons in body language would be as follows:

    Crossing indicates your disinterest and discomfort
    Whilst talking to somebody if you notice him crossing his arms, that indicates that he is not comfortable divulging certain information to you. Even in classes, if a student sits with his legs or arms crossed, that marks an indication that he is not interested in the lecture and that he is not open to receiving information that is being given.

    Your handshakes tell a lot about you
    Handshakes also go on to tell a lot about a person’s interest or disinterest in you. If a person shakes his hand loosely with you that marks disinterest whereas a very warm handshake would mean that the other person is indeed very thrilled and excited to meet you.

    What shows that you are disturbed?
    If a person is biting his lips or twirling her hair, blinking his or her eyes, all that go on to indicate a distressed state of mind.

    Get to know of someone is deceiving you
    Even if a person is not able to make an eye contact while speaking to you, it marks a state of threat and perhaps even a lie. A person who is making a good eye contact with you whilst speaking, states a heightened level of confidence.

    Aggression in your body language
    Aggressive and rash body language may indicate that a person has little to contribute in terms of content in a meeting and hence he is masking behind that kind of a behavior.

    Smile makes you look more beautiful
    A smile or lack of it also goes on to tell a lot about a person. A person who is friendly and comfortable in the environment will always wear a smile as compared to the one who is looking grumpy.

    If you are happy and you know it Tap your feet!
    If a person is sprinting lightly on his toes, you can make out that he is happy as compared to a person who is walking with his heads down and walking slowly. One moves around tapping and jumping only when they are blissfully happy or tension free.

    Get to know if a person is egoistic or not?
    Whether or not a person is arrogant can also be gauged from his body language. If a person is walking with their chest pushed forward and swaying arms, you can make out that he is egoistic and arrogant.

    Your attitude reflects your confidence
    If a person adjusts his clothing before addressing people, then it speaks volumes of his confidence level.

    Body language is an art that can never be completely mastered for the purpose of masking, but learning what different postures tell us, about our state of mind, is indeed very interesting.

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