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    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Top 25 Manners Every Child Should Know

    With both the parents working and children being brought up in crèches and by nannies one thing which is being left behind is the etiquettes. Nowadays children are becoming more blunt and rude and the reason is that they are not aware that this attitude and nature is impolite. They are not being taught the basic manners which are required.

    In this article we will be discussing about some of the important manners which all the kids must have. Parents should take care that they take out time from their busy schedules and give quality time to their children and give them a proper upbringing. The best way to teach something to the child is to follow those things as children have the habit of copying their elders.

    Here are 25 Things to be taught by the parents to their children:

    • Teach your child to say “please” if he wants anything.
    • If he gets anything then he should say “thank you”.
    • Your child should know that he should not interrupt between the elders. Tell him that interfering or speaking in between the conversations of the grownups is a bad habit. If he wants to say something then he should wait for his chance to come.
    • If you want to speak or interfere in someone’s conversation then you can use some courteous terms like “excuse me”.
    • If you think that doing something would land you up in trouble then it’s better to take permission before doing such things. Also before touching and using someone else’s thing tale their permission.
    • Do not say or use negative and wrong words in front of anyone and especially in front of elder people.
    • Do not say anything bad or negative about anyone. God has made everyone the same and teach your child that poking fun on anyone’s physical appearance is like making fun of God.
    • If someone asks you how you are doing then politely tell them and also ask them the same question.
    • If you go to your friends place then do not forget to thank your friend’s parents for inviting you.
    • Before entering anyone’s room always knock and ask for permission.
    • When you call your friend and if anyone else receives the call then first introduce yourself and then ask them to call the person you want to talk to.
    • If someone gifts you something then say “thank you”.
    • Do not use slangs in front of elder people. It is like insulting them.
    • Do not make fun of others by giving them mean and rude nicknames. It can be hurting for the elders and ultimately would cast a bad impression of the child.
    • Be kind and polite to everyone. Do not be harsh and cruel.
    • If you find anything boring then do not be rude and say it out loud. Be patient and sit and wait for the event to get over.
    • If by mistake you hit someone or in a hurry, bump into someone then say sorry.
    • If you want side but any elder is standing in the way then say “excuse me” and ask for the side.
    • While sneezing don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth with your hands or handkerchief.
    • If you meet any of your friend’s parents or your relatives then do not forget to wish them. Wishing is a very good habit.
    • When you are asked to do something by any elder person like bringing a glass of water or switching on the television then do it happily.
    • Open the doors for the elderly people. These small actions cast a very good impression on others. Also you will be loved for these small and cute gestures.
    • Learn the table manners properly. Teach your child how to use fork and knife and other simple manners.
    • While eating use only your right hand and always keep a napkin with yourself so that you do not wipe your nose or hands on your clothes.
    • When you are with your elders do not shout or be too noisy. Shouting won’t help you get attention instead it would irritate others.
    These are the few things that every parent should teach their child. A child with good manners and etiquettes will be loved by everyone and even the parents would be appreciated for bringing up their child so nicely.

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    1. @ sathish kumar

      Thanks a lot for your comment

      sam @ cuteparents

    2. Great list. Some things neve change, or shouldn't. In most cases I would suggest replacing "elders" with "others" All others are worthy of respect, not just older people. Holding a door for a peer is a nice thing to do, too.


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