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    Saturday, June 30, 2012

    Child Care Checklist For Parents

    Gone are the days when we lived in joint families and children grew up under the loving care of grandparents. Times have changed and we now see a change in the family structure, with children spending most of their time in daycare or with domestic help.

    Despite the guilt parents feel, the decision seems inevitable. There is nothing better than spending time with your babies and toddlers and watch them as they grow. But if that is not possible, here are ways you can be a responsible parent even while leaving your child in the day care centre or with domestic help.

    Domestic help
    Parents often prefer to keep domestic help to take care of the child when they are away. This way the child is still within the safety of the home, reachable at all times and does not have his routine upset. 

    Here are few things you may want to ensure while your child is at home.
    • Make sure your help knows where the first aid box is kept (of course she should know how to use what's inside)
    • Inform her of the times the food has to be prepared and given to your child
    • Be strict with your child and your help about TV rules, as most times the help prefers to watch TV herself
    • Ensure that both of them know the forbidden areas in your home. Keep some rooms locked in extreme cases.
    • Make sure bedtime routines are followed
    • Maintain the discipline routine at home even while you are away
    • Insist that your help do not eat or drink anything hot with your child in her hand
    Day care
    If your child is in the day care centre all-day or part of the day, it is a good idea to furnish them with the following details:
    • Full name and address
    • All contact numbers
    • The time you intend to pick up your child
    • Person to contact in case of emergency
    • Age
    • Allergies if any
    • Medication or supplements if any, with dosages and written instructions
    • Other special instructions
    There may be some difficult situations when your child is not keeping well or is having a bad day. Yet you have to send him to day care. Inform the centre about the situation. Not only will they monitor your child closely, but they will also keep your child away from other children so he doesn't infect them. Hand over any medication you may be giving your child, along with written instructions. Ask them to call you if his condition worsens or if he has been crying continuously.

    When you go to pick up your child from the centre, ask for feedback on the day. Enquire if he has eaten all meals and slept. Ask for any behavioural problems they may have faced. If you do not personally pick your child up on a daily basis, meet the centre authorities once a week to enquire.

    These are some basic things remember while you send your child to a day care centre or hire domestic help. It not only makes things easier for you but also for the person looking after your child.


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