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    Wednesday, May 09, 2012

    Tips on Encouraging Good Behavior in Kids

    Here are some parenting tips for encouraging good behavior in kids.

    Stop Bribing Your Child

    The most common and biggest mistake that parents make is they either bribe, reward or threat in relation to whatever their children do. These convey a message to the children that solution to all their problems is present in the outside world.

    Inculcate Morals in Your Child

    As parents, we need to help them find and develop police officers within themselves so that they keep them aligned with their moral extent. When taking steps you should not feel sorry for your kids and do not wait for the second, third or another chance. Anything that is not acceptable or is inadequate should be made clear to your child.

    Be a Role Model

    Children usually imitate their parents. Try to check out your behaviour when you interact with people. You cannot expect your child to behave well when you yell or behave badly with other people.

    Try to Ease the Communication Process

    When you find something wrong or unacceptable in your child’s behaviour, get down to your child’s level. This also means to kneel down and communicate at the level of your child. This will help in good eye contact and right way of interaction as well.

    Avoid Disagreement

    Give your child choices. This will help in giving in him a feeling of independence. Let him take the decision. Stick to promises and agreements that you make. This will help your child to trust and respect you. Keep orders, wishes and negative comments to the minimum. This will create less opportunity for disagreement, conflict and bad feelings.

    Give Responsibility to Your Child

    Give your children responsibility that they can handle and that are suitable for their age. You can guide him about the consequences especially if they are dangerous. Also, you should be prepared for some mistakes or inaccuracy as this might be the first time he is doing certain job.

    Raise Child in a Cheerful Environment

    Maintain a sense of humour and light environment when you are trying to teach or help your child do something. Do not tease or mock him if he is unable to do anything properly.

    Make your child feel important

    Offer him doing things that are little bit difficult but you are sure he can manage doing them. Just keep an eye and carry on the support. Let him feel that he is important for the family.

    At the end of the day, you must remember that kids are different and it is not possible for them to follow each and everything that you instruct. After all you need to communicate and offer unconditional love to them so that you have a healthy and long term relationship with your child.

    When you are trying to teach and train your child, it is very important that you listen to him and take into account his points too. Let him express his problems and consider them. Follow these tips and you will have good relationship and your child will turn out disciplined and will be loved by all.

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    1. Excellent tips! I'm quite anxious to introduce them into my family as right now we are dealing with a lot of tantrums from my niece and no one can handle her at this point :(

      Thanks for sharing and...caring :)


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