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    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Interesting Games for One Year Baby

    Playing with babies is a fun in itself. Yet you need to make games interesting along with looking for attention grabbing games to buy so that your infant and toddler enjoys. The games should be motivating and capable of teaching something because children learn a lot while playing and do not forget as well.

    You can teach your baby language as well as colours, social and motor skills. There are few games that can be said as very interesting and they are time tested and proven as well. Just remember that games and activities are split into different age groups and so you will also need to keep on changing ways and games from time to time.

    Have a quick look at some interesting games for babies.

    0-3 Months 
    Although it sounds unrealistic, but even a three months baby cannot play anything. Well, when you and your newborn are together, the time you spend can be converted into something that makes your child more attentive and alert. Play nursery rhymes that are short and melodious. Give your hand to let him grab it. You can dance on some music piece and as you get some exercise, the baby might also have interest and sense of rhythm.

    3-6 Months 
    This is the time when baby starts catching things and reflects to different sounds. Show him different objects with their names and make him familiar with colours. Do not expect any overnight change because it is the time you need to start everything. You can explore different types of textures with him. You can let him play with the stickers that can be reused. Let him remove and stick them on a piece of cloth.

    6-9 Months 
    By this time your child will start talking something and also move around the house. Take utmost care of his safety and spend time with him as much as you can. Get some puppet and try to arrange a show with the help of your husband. Give your toddler a safe drawer or case so that he starts to learn to keep his toys properly. Play hide and seek. You can also hide the ball or something and ask him to find it out.

    9-12 Months 
    This is the time when maximum development of your child is going to take place. Crawl through tunnels is one of such games that can teach your child to bend, move forward and take a turn. You can play peek-a-boo and leave your child giggling. Make him learn his body parts. Just keep in mind that you do not teach everything the same day and start asking one by one the other day.

    12 Months Onwards 
    Once the child turns a year old, there are many puzzles and different types of games available in the market. Now, your child starts walking and he will not try to sit and play always. Imaginations, personalities and concentration are developed and strengthened after a child completes one year.

    Remember, playing and buying games for your child is not just for fun and recreation. It strengthens your bonding with your child and also helps him learn a lot without thinking about learning. Along with playing with your child you should also leave him alone and with friends to play with. This will also make him independent and learn how to interact and behave with other children and adults. These are simple tips and ideas. You can make your own games and spend quality time with your child.

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