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    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Important Manners That Parents Should Teach Children

    Every parent want to raise their children as polite and well-behaved, and learning those lessons starts at home.  Its never too early to teach your little ones basic manners.

    Here are eight of the most important manners you should teach your children before they go to school. They wont remember them all, or get them right every time, but through patience and perseverance you could succeed:

    Teach to say please and thank you. 
    Whether theyre activities as small as giving younger one a snack, or them asking if they can play in the garden, always reinforce the importance of saying please and thank you. No matter how young your children may be, you can start enforcing this rule before they are 10.

    Table manners
    When your children are just learning to eat at the table, start teaching them the manners youd like them to have for the rest of their lives. Rules like not eating with their mouths open, or not putting their elbows on the table, are good life lessons for your children to learn as soon as possible.

    Play dates or Birthday parties
    When your children go to play at friends place or to birthday parties, remind them to thank their friends parents for allowing them to hang around. If you arent going to be attending the play date or event with your children, ensure your little ones know they should treat their friends parents (and all grown-ups) with the same respect they treat you.

    Birthday party etiquette
    Its true that kids go wild at birthday parties - all the sweet snacks and fun can make children get excited, and sometimes forget their manners. But no matter how excited your little one is on their birthday, there are some manners they shouldnt forget: to open their presents thoughtfully (not ripping off the paper, or tossing the present to one side as soon as theyve seen it) and to say thank you for every gift, and to every attendee.

    Mind the language
    There will come a moment every parent dreads: the moment your child swears with bad language. The worst thing you can do in this scenario is laugh. Let them know that you already know that word, you think its unpleasant, not funny, and ask your little one not to use it again. 

    Dont be mean
    Kids tease each other, and they find it funny. But this can sometimes go a step too far and lead to bullying. Make sure your little ones dont call others with mean names, and dont make fun of anyone for any reason. Ganging up on someone else is cruel, not clever. At the very first instance discourage it.

    Teach Excuse me
    Once your little ones have learned to say please and thank you, teach them to say excuse me. Its polite to say when you have to interrupt someone, or bump into somebody.

    Speaking in public
    There are some things that are too much information, and that your little ones shouldnt talk about in public. These include genitals, stories on passing stools, nose picking, smooching and all the other things that amuse kids.

    Dear friends if you like these manners tips kindly take a moment to share with your friends circles also.


    1. Very well said. But first shouldnt the parents learn these manners themselves before they can teach it to their children? A lot of adults need training in these lessons too!

    2. I agree with Deepa-modeling is one of the best predictors of correct behavior!

      I am also very impressed when a child looks me in the eye and even shakes my hand when they are introduced. Very proper grown-up behavior.


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