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    Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    How To Prevent Diabetes In Children

    Prevention of diabetes in children comprises of taking care of three primary factors. They are: controlling obesity that is if the child is overweight, see that the child is involved in an adequate amount of physical activity and ensuring that the child is having a healthy diet.

    These are the simple ways in which you can ensure you child stays away from the clutch of this disease.Given below are a few ways in which you can plan your routine in order to prevent diabetes in your child

    Maintain a Healthy Body Mass in Child

    The ideal weight of a child depends on factors like his height and age. There are cases where an overweight child may not be able to lose weight even if he consumes a healthy and nutritious and goes for intensive workouts.

    In such cases it is mostly found that there is a history of diabetes running in the family and thereby the child is naturally susceptible to developing this disease. These are actually character traits that the parents need to be extremely careful and monitor the child's diet and activity under medical supervision.

    The advice of a pediatrician and a dietician must be sought in order to chart out the child’s regular food intake. Through adequate and correct guidance and discipline the maintenance of the suitable body mass becomes easier and the child will be prevented from falling prey to diabetes. The kid needs to be encouraged to indulge in activities that they enjoy doing and be allowed to relish healthy food.

    Chart up a Perfect Diet Regimen

    Whether your child is affected by diabetes or you just you want to be careful that he doesn’t contract the disease in the coming years follow this. It is important that you ensure after due research and consultation with the pediatrician and dietician on the type of food that will sustain their fitness levels. Ensure that they are nurtured with foods that put off diabetes effectively.

    The main foods in this category are like tofu, fish and poultry. Pork and beef should be best avoided due to their extremely high fat and energy content. Fruits, veggies and especially green leafy ones should be encouraged instead of sweets and chocolates.

    Sugar consumption needs to be strictly controlled. Whole grains and lentils should be a staple part of their regular diet. Kids who are hereditarily susceptible to diabetes are found to be well benefitted through these restrictions that also ensure that the fitness levels are maintained without compromising the nutritional intake.

    Encourage the Kids to Lead an Active Life

    Regular workouts and exercise should be a part of your regimen. Make it a disciplinary act and lead by example so that your kids feel encouraged by simply observing you. You will thereby not only take care of your health but also ensure that your kids understands the importance of leading an active life that will only help them reap benefits in their years to come.

    Here too, it is advisable to take the opinion of an expert on what sort of exercises will suit your kid considering his body, overall health and age. This way the energy that they consume through food will be properly utilised and they will develop good strong muscles, a healthy body and mind.

    Give Them a Wholesome Life and Help Them Realise

    Children are more intelligent than we presume them to be. So if you find that your kid has a natural inclination towards foods that will risk him the development of diabetes, explain to them that how they might develop the disease if they do not lead a disciplined life. Help them understand the harmful conditions of the disease and also make them realise how they can avert the condition with a little bit of conscious effort.

    In the same manner it is also important that you do not deprive your kid of the natural pleasures of life by cutting him completely away from chocolates and pastries. Maintain moderation and ensure as a parent that the diet balance is maintained at all costs. The point is to make the child feel comfortable in the way of life that you have designed for him.

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    1. Such an informative article. Every parent needs to know about controlling sugar on their kids and this might be helpful to that.


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