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    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    How To Help Children Succeed At Preschool

    Some of the main academic subjects include reading, math, social studies, and science. Whether your child is struggling in a certain area, or you just want to help them get ahead, this article contains tips you can use to help them succeed in every subject, from preschool. There are also suggestions for how to make sure your children are developing socially and staying healthy.

    School Registration Process

    • To register your child in school you will need to bring all the following documents:
    • A certified copy of the student's birth record
    • A copy of resident's lease, utility bill, or home ownership deed as proof of address
    • Immunization record and Tuberculosis screening
    • Student records from the previous school if the student is transferring schools
    You may also have to take your child in for a physical exam by a licensed physician within 12 months of entering school.

    Your child can not be turned away from a school on the basis of race, disability, citizenship, national origin, religion, English language speaking ability, or family background.

    Preschool Tips


    • Read a book with your child everyday and point out letters, numbers, pictures, colors, shapes, etc. Let your child handle the book, too
    • Talk to your child throughout the day to help build her/his vocabulary
    • Visit the library frequently to familiarize your child with the library's purpose

    • Count. Count. Count! Count everything you see
    • Point out and read numbers on billboards, houses, signs, in stores, and picture books
    • Introduce very simple arithmetic (e.g., if we buy two apples and you eat one, how many do we have left?)

    • Take nature walks and point out trees, flowers, animals, etc.
    • Explain the different kinds of physical reactions when you are cooking, cleaning, or washing
    • Ask your child to describe how different surfaces and objects feel (e.g., rough, soft, warm, cold, etc.)
    Social Studies

    • Visit local museums and cultural centers
    • Share stories about family heritage and your ancestors
    • Involve your child in national holidays and celebrations
    Social Development and Health

    • Hug, hold, and reassure your child often
    • If your child does not attend a preschool, get her/him involved in a social and physical activity with other children of the same age
    • Teach your child basic safety precautions, hygiene, and healthy eating habits
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    1. Thanks for sharing your tips! I am going to send my eldest child at preschool and your tips has greatly helps me.


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