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    Friday, May 04, 2012

    How To Develop Kid's Social Skills

    Help your baby grow into a confident adult by teaching him social skills at the outset. Here are a few tips.Your child's personality starts taking shape when he is still in the womb - or that is what ancient wisdom tells us. But if you neglected trying to shape his personality at that time, don't fret. It's never too late. Start now.

    Don't let others hold him against his wishes
    Does your baby cry every time someone tries to take him from you? Often parents want to encourage their babies to be more comfortable around new people, and hence they let their friends hold their babies despite protests. This is not always the best thing to do, since it increases your baby's insecurities instead of making him more comfortable around new faces. A better thing to do would be to continue holding your child, and let him first get familiar with the new face before handing him over. If your child protests, hold on to him. Also, familiarize him with as many people as possible, especially with his grandparents - who are sure to lavish him with attention.

    Put him down tactfully
    Also, you don't need to keep carrying your child with you all the time. If your baby starts crying as soon as you let him down, first place him on your bed, so you can lie down with him. Play around and give him your full attention, as you gradually draw away. Once he is distracted and enjoying himself, deposit him in his crib.

    Console him when he cries
    There are different theories to whether you should pick up your child when he is crying, or whether you should let him cry it out until he stops on his own. Many mothers are unable to bear sitting around while their child is crying, and after letting him cry a bit, they pick him up. This doesn't serve a lot of purpose. Remember, you baby is crying because he is anxious or scared and needs to be comforted. You never know what your baby is going through, and he just needs to be held to feel secure - so hold on to him.

    Introduce him to other babies
    Try and ensure that your child is surrounded by other children his age. Children feel more at ease when they are amongst their own age group. Invite parents with children over often, so your child can start learning how to socialize at a young age.

    Talk often
    Talk to your child as often as possible so your child develops a sense of speech at a young age. Some children may have speech problems in which case it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert at a young age itself, before the speech problem develops into a social impediment. Remember though that Jack Welch, ex-CEO of GE and one of the most powerful bosses in America, had a pronounced stammer.

    Don't ignore your child
    When you are expecting guests, you could let your toddler play around the guests. He may feel uncomfortable if he is the immediate focus of attention, so let him be, until he approaches. Also, don't ignore your baby if he is calling for attention. After letting him mingle with your guests, it is better you take him to his room and keep him busy with a few toys, than it is to keep him in your lap and ignore him when he calls for attention.

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    2. Liked your suggestions-although my kids themselves now have grown up kids!


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