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    Monday, April 23, 2012

    Tips to Raise an Honest and Truthful Child

    Every parent wants to raise a child who is honest, truthful and a good citizen. Raising an honest and responsible child cannot be an instant process. It is an ongoing parenting process which should take place right from the birth of child. Read on to find the tips for raising an honest and truthful child.Children are honest till they know the difference between true and false. Also the child feels that he needs to speak things that appeal his parents whether or not it istrue. Yes, this is the fact. When children are unable to communicate their truest feelings, they start lying.

    Most of the adults who lie are those who were brought up in an environment where they had to meet the standards set by their parents and not remain true to themselves. Majority of parents wish to bring up an honest child but find it very difficult to teach honesty to their children. Here are some tips that might help you teach and fill truthfulness in your children.

    Tips to Raise an Honest and Truthful Child

    Be a Role Model

    Children learn everything from the surroundings. Their parents are ideal for them and they prefer following them. So, you have to be honest first and then expect honesty from your child.You have to show the courage to speak the truth. Remember, you are the model for your child. You need to speak truth to yourself. Modeling truthfulness and honesty is the best way to teach these values to children.

    Let your Child Express his Feelings

    Every parent takes decisions and foresees their children’s future. Do not forget that he is a human being with feelings and dreams. If your child expresses his feelings in a different way and wants to be like someone else, respect who your child is. If this does not happen, he might hide his feelings so that he does not get disapproved.

    Always Listen to Your Child

    Sometimes it is difficult for you to understand and difficult for your child to speak the truth as well. Make him comfortable and assure him. If we listen and understand their truth, we are giving ways for him to be honest in future.

    Encourage Your Child’s Passion

    When you find out about the passion of your child, do encourage him about that. Even if your child shows consciousness about environment and pollution, appreciate his intention and if possible give him the right guidance as well. For example if he feels and thinks like an animal saviour or talks about citizen’s rights or likewise,encourage him for that. You never know your child can be the future leader and bring fruitful changes in the society.

    Teach Being Honest Through Stories

    Search for stories that can teach them about the benefits of telling the truth, stories that teach the value of honesty. Just keep in mind that you do not have to be preachy or serious. Remember, today’s children need proof and you can give him some examples of present time too to make him understand and grasp your point.

    Remember, when a child lies this does not mean that he is a pathological liar. Analyse the circumstances and situation and see whether he fears telling the truth. Set a good example and make an environment in your home so that the child does not fear telling any kind of truth.

    Try to understand your child’s nature and intentions. If possible mould them in the right direction right from the time your child starts listening to you. The most important thing for you as a parent is to keep your head cool when you are listening to your child. Do not have a biased mind or let anger overpower your listening process.

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