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    Tuesday, April 03, 2012

    Tips To Develop Child's Art Of Writing - Part 1

    When a child starts to write, it stimulates several thought processes in the brain. After that, the child tries to come out and speak about the writing.Drawing is also a stage in communication as well as a wonderful component of communication. It is a very important phase of a child. Drawing is a simple method to reveal Child's thought. Before the inception of writing, it was a pioneer tool for communication. But, it did not develop much as a communication tool due to its lack in scientific approach.

    Do encourage your child to draw. It is good for your child to draw their thoughts. Later, it would be possible for the child to write gradually. Even a talkative child, while writing would be quite and calm.

    Developing writing skill

    These days, as there are more number of students in a class, teachers are unable to provide individual attention to students writing practice. But, unlike teachers, parents can provide more time with their child to develop their writing ability. Writing clears the thoughts of a child and improves their coordination. Good writing practice enables a child to become a good communicator.

    Here are some tips to develop writing process in your child
    • Encouraging children
    • Place and time not important
    • Proper approach
    • Ensure individual right
    • Forget criticism
    • Follow
    • Encouraging communication
    • Ask to write what is heard
    • Listing habit
    • Reading journals

    Encouraging children

    Avoid compelling and straining your child in the name of writing practice. As a result of this, your child may hate writing practice. Instead of compelling, offering small gifts, motivating and appreciating would enhance their interest to write more. Easily, we can change writing practice as a joyful leisure.

    Keep reading stories and poems with children. Childs imagination can improve with your reading style and the tune with which you provide for the poems. Try to incorporate the word game as your family game to improve your childs vocabulary. It (vocabulary) forms a powerful tool in developing your child into a versatile and excellent communicator. Also, teach your child to use dictionary properly.

    As working parents, you may not be able to spend enough time with your child. As result of this, your child may not get chances to reveal their ideas to you verbally. In such a situation, it is good to recommend your child to write their thoughts. Because, their thoughts would be more clear on papers than their verbal communication. Your childs ability to communicate and think depend much on regular writing practices.

    Place and time not important

    Allot a specific place at your home for your child to do writing practice. But, dont scold or shout at them if they do their practice in another place. Because, here, freedom is very important, not the place. Do not consider it as a big mistake.

    Avoid fixing time to complete a particular writing or drawing to your child. A child needs enough time to think. A child will differ from our thinking. A childs thought may wander here and there or gaze at anything outside while thinking. So, do not disturb. Childs brain takes sometime to get started.

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