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    Wednesday, April 04, 2012

    Tips To Develop Child's Art Of Writing - Part 2

    Here are some tips to develop writing process in your child
    1. Encouraging children
    2. Place and time not important
    3. Proper approach
    4. Ensure individual right
    5. Forget criticism
    6. Follow
    7. Encouraging communication
    8. Ask to write what is heard
    9. Listing habit
    10. Reading journals

    Proper approach
    Mistakes are unavoidable in your childs writing practice. So, parents or guardians should not criticize or blame children for these silly mistakes. These mistakes are like failures, which are leading to success.
    Only concept is important than mistakes. Mistakes will automatically vanish.

    Ensure individual right
    Do not overwrite your childs own writing. If you do so, your childs uniqueness may be affected. Your child is the only proprietor for their effort. Do not distort the uniqueness of your child.

    Forget criticism
    Every genius flowers from the plant of appreciation. So, do not fail to praise special efforts of your childs writing. Forget about criticizing on faults. If your childs writing features nuance, explanation, new thoughts and imagination, it means, your child exposes their geniusness.

    As, it is the beginning stage; if your child follows someones style in their writing do not be worried. If you happen to ask most of the present renowned writers in the world they would certainly say that they were coveted by some prominent authors during their early stages of writing. Gradually, your child will get their uniqueness.

    Encouraging communication
    Provide training to your child by asking them to write letters to your relatives and friends. As a result of this, the ability to communicate socially will improve drastically. Do encourage your child to write his/her own compliments in greeting cards and send it to friends and relatives.
    Introduce the culture of pen friends to your child and open a new world.

    Ask to write what is heard
    If your child likes a particular song very much (ensure it is filthy or not), you tell them to write it on the paper. Poems and sonnets are also appropriate items for writing practice. Good writing practice not only enhances the ability of your childs hand but also its brains.

    Listing habit
    It is good to teach them to list out in order to avoid forgetting home works, arranging books in shelf and buying lot of groceries. This habit is to make your child as an expert in organizing. List provides vision to decide that where we should start and where we should finish.

    Reading journals
    Through reading, one can develop their writing ability. So, train your child to read journals. News journals and tourism journals are appropriate for this purpose. News journals for social knowledge and tourism journals for love on world.

    Parents should realize that not all parents can afford sending their child for training and special classes of writing. At the same time, all children need not go for special classes.

    If parents follow some of the above-mentioned tips, their children will certainly show good positive results. Parents should not compromise on developing their childs writing practice shunning away their responsibility showing the development found in IT and Communication segment as the need for writing has decreased enormously.

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