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    Thursday, April 05, 2012

    Tips for Raising a Healthy Kids

    Raising a healthy child is not only about making sure that child eats enough of food. It is very necessary to ensure that the child is eating healthy and eating right. Here are some common mistakes which parents make and how parents can raise a healthy child.

    Providing information and making children learn about the importance of health has become very important these days. Today various health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and many more which used to affect adults only are now seen in children also. You need to protect your children from any of the health problems because they are extremely precious for you. Here is how you can make sure that you raise a healthy child.

    Common Health Mistakes Which Parents Make

    If you try to find out the common cause behind all these problems, you will find that it is the wrong eating habits and lack of psychical activities among children today. The introduction and rapid popularity of junk food has spoilt all good habits among not only children but adults also. Mothers do not have time or do not wish to spend time in kitchen these days and so they most often do not pay attention to the daily nutritional intake of their children.

    Also, mothers try to give their children what they like to eat and they are satisfied thinking that their children ate at least something. Children have also left outdoor playing and stay glued to video games or watch television in their free time. If the parents are busy with their schedule, they prefer this because they can carry on their work without interruption.

    Many parents are so busy bothering about their career and engrossed in professional problems and aspects, they forget that they need to pay attention to lots of things when they are raising children.

    Tips for Raising a Healthy Child

    Pay attention to nutrition from the very beginning and make it a habit that your child eats different types of foods. Try to give them fresh fruits and feed him with vegetables along with pulses and cereals. Just keep a watch that your child has complete nutrition throughout the day that he needs to grow well. Make sure your child eats the lunch what you give him in school. If you are not very confident about these things, you can take help from professional dietitians easily.

    Nowadays there are many yoga classes for children. The best way, however, would be to engage your child in any kind of sport in which he is interested. This will not only help him workout properly, but also make him fresh and energetic everyday. If you have a daughter and she has interest in dance, you can engage her in some dance class or aerobics class.

    Proper rest is also important for the healthy growth of your child. Teach him the lesson of early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But for this, you will also have to check out some of your bad habits. Stop watching late night television programs. This is important because today’s kids are very smart and they will point out to you and ask you instead. Make sure he sleeps well and takes rest at least 8 hours at night. This will help him regain his energy and rest will recharge his brain too.

    Follow the tips and try to encourage your kids in opting for different types of activities. Make him understand the importance of nutrition and exercise in life. Introduce healthy and nutritional snacks, support activities with friends and add variety to the lives of your children so that they do not feel monotonous or forced.

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    1. Very useful article. The problem is children do not like nutritious food. We are forced to give junk food. Partly our food habit is also poor and the same affects the children.

    2. Very useful article. But the problem is children do not like nutritious food. We are forced to give junk food. Also part of the problem is with us- we also eat junk food.

    3. When my child was a baby she was alergic to the protein in milk. I had to completely eleminate dairy from my diet and breastfeed her in order to keep her healthy. The doctor said if I would not have done this she would still have problems today. How I found out about my baby's Milk Protein Allergy


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