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    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Parenting Is Like A Game Of Balance

    Would you like to try a bit of tightrope walking? Wait a bit, before you shake your head in horror and turn away. Quite probably, you are already adept at facing the mental tensions of a tightrope walker, if you are the parent of a preschooler!

    Child psychologists say that three years is a turning point in the growth of a child.Significant, changes take place in the child at this age – in behavioral patterns, as well as in character formation. A three year old’s approach to the environment may undergo a total change.

    For example, he may become more interested in playing in the soil or sand, and probing ‘deeper’ into everything he sees aroung.Their attempts to dismantle a toy car, to ‘study its mechanism’ might give headaches to the parents, yet it is up to the parents to keep their cool. Controlling children too much will not be good in the long run, as it hinders their manual growth.

    Three years is also the age of fears in young children, most of them unfounded. Please do not ridicule them over such fears, and the best way to tackle this problem is to distract their attention with stories or pleasant activities.

    At the moment, they may prattle like a little child, the next moment they may come out with profound statements like an older child – such behavior too is natural for three years old.After three, a child’s mind also gets cluttered with feelings of jealously, selfishness etc.They will be very possessive about the toys they own, and the affection of their siblings would be on these grounds. Equally astonishing is the ability of this age group to make friends.

    Try to understand and accept the three year olds with all their complexities. They are rapidly climbing the steps of growth, and the most important thing for the parents is to understand them.Parening, at this stage, is like a game of balance. It is up the parents to keep their pace steady.

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