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    Monday, April 02, 2012

    Imagination Childhood's Natural Gifts

    As their young child grows, most parents are eager to develop his or skills reading, writing, math and comprehension. Nurturing a child’s mind – Imagination is generally considered to be merely play – not a skill worth concentrating on!

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Child psychologists have long since held that imaginative children grow up to be innovators and creative adults who are able to cope with life’s everyday challenges better. Many early childhood experts feel that allowing children to develop their imagination, can be more important than concentrating on pre – academic training.

    A Child’s Imagination develops naturally.Just as we don’t need to teach our children how to crawl,walk,or talk, we do not need to spend time worrying about how to get our child to develop his or her imagination.However,it is important that parents set up an environment for their child that will not discourage the development of imagination skills. How do we do this?

    It is not necessary to buy expensive toys or books to nurture a child’s imagination. In fact, inexpensive junk materials are ideal for creating a world of imagination. Large cardboard boxes can be transformed in to any kind of vehicle, from a train to an aeroplane, with just a few strokes of paintbrush. A town or village can be made from shoeboxes.

    Do not make specific demands for how each activity must turn out.Instead, let your child lead you and “do as they do”. Children develop and learn to think appropriately by interacting and reacting to the world around them.

    A child’s world is a magical place where tigers live under the bed, and elephants are purple and pink and can fly! As parents, is is important to understand the value of this kind of play for a child’s development, and to encourage and share in it as early as possible. Imaginative plays a crucial role in a child’s intellectual and social development.

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    1. Such an apt title that Imagination is a true gift to an individual. Wonderful post indeed.

    2. @ amit ganguly said...

      Thank You Amit Ji


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