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    Friday, April 27, 2012

    How to Spent Quality Time with Kids

    It is extremely important for parents to spend quality time with kids regularly even if they are busy. However, due to changing lifestyle, most of the parents are not able to spend quality time with kids. Managing work and raising kids is like walking the fine line. here are  some parenting tips for spending quality time with kids.

    Being a parent is an arduous task and you need lot of patience. You have your expectations and at the same time you do not know what they are up to the next moment. You have to understand them and deal with them friendly and patiently, no matter of what age they are.

    It is obvious that you must be preoccupied with various problems in your life. But remember if the kid is small he is not aware of all this. Another important thing is that you need to spend quality time, which means forget about every other thing and listen and get completely involved with your kids.

    Spending time with children has become very important these days because most of the parents are working and they do not have sufficient time to pay attention to their kids. Also, nowadays people prefer nuclear families, which automatically lack the presence of elders in the house. So, the child is left almost alone. You need to give him company apart from paying attention to his homework and daily routine.

    Tips to Spent Quality Time with your Kids
    It is very necessary for parents to spend time with kids no matter how busy they are. Here are some helpful tips for parents to spend quality time with kids.

    Spend Time with Kids Everyday
    Take some time out everyday and no matter how busy you are or how tired you are any day, never miss it. Schedule a time that is exclusively for you and your child. Make sure you do not get interrupted and disturbed. This time can be just before bedtime or right after coming from your office or after sometime. You can choose this time according to your convenience. Just keep in mind that your child will be waiting for you at that time and there should be no question of missing it.

    Try to Have Family Dinner Daily
    If possible have family dinner daily. This should be the time when your entire family is on the dining table and everyone interacts with each other and tell his or her day out. Be prepared to pay attention to your child’s way of speaking especially if he is a teenager. Make sure he shares with you everything and tells you all he did in his school. This is important and is not possible with force or in one day. You will have to spend everyday some time with him and then when he will find confidence in you, he will make you his friend.

    Discuss Big and Small Issues with Your Child
    If any day you had a very bad day and you are upset or simply exhausted, just tell your child about it. Let him sit by you and have your touch and care. If he comes forward and massages your head or feet, let him do that. He loves you and wants you to be fit and energetic always.

    Avoid Spending Time only in Playing
    When you are spending time with your child, do not just play or watch television, try to talk to him. Ask him about the day at school and share some of your happenings also. Just be careful to tell him anything about your boss or any colleague. This might lead you to embarrassment if he drops in your house in future.

    Spending time with children does not mean that you have to do it in a routine way. The child must feel that you want to spend time with him and do not want to be disturbed during this time. Have a good relationship with your child and start this as early as possible.

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