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    Friday, April 06, 2012

    How To Develop Child's New Skills

    Recent studies have shown that early childhood education and group day care options have a positive impact on school success later in life. Finding a day care school that offers a wide range of extracurricular learning activities can ensure that your child develops the required 

    There’s a wide variety of activities that can be woven into your preschool program or kindergarten education. Savvy early childhood educators have developed supplemental learning modules designed especially to build your child’s ability to learn. Below are a few examples of great learning opportunities for your child in a daycare group setting:

    The study of letters and sounds can include reading activities, games, flash cards, and other tactics to help your child learn basic vowels, blending syllables, and gain additional command of language communication skills.

    Foreign Language 
    Studying a foreign language during a child’s early years can dramatically improve their cognitive language skills. Music, games, and literature featuring the foreign language provide opportunities for your child to practice their conversational development. Studying a foreign language also provides your child with a basic understanding of the global community and gain awareness for other cultures.

    Reading at a young age enriches your child’s learning about language and creative writing. Beginning reader books, posters, and flash cards will help your child improve their literacy skills and have a great time doing it.

    Research has shown that early exposure to music can help children think, create, reason, and express themselves. Children will enjoy learning about rhythm, singing, playing instruments, and a variety of musical genres.

    Supplemental math materials can help teach important concepts such as numbers, counting, measurement, and probability. Incorporating games that include learning about shapes and solids, addition and subtraction, and counting money are key skills to ensure a lifetime of successful learning.

    Sports and Activity 
    Childhood obesity is a real issue for many families. Encouraging active adventures that get your child moving can help keep them physically fit. Sports activities can build teamwork skills and improve interaction with other children. Many forms of age-appropriate activities can be included in your child’s kindergarten education.

    Teaching your child to cook can be fun and make them feel like a contributing member of your family. Children can learn about building recipes, ingredients, cooking vocabulary, and the benefits of a healthy diet.

    Teaching your child about nature, the weather, and the universe is a great way to feed their imagination and boost their ability to innovate. Through hands-on science experiments, children are introduced to the wonders of science.

    Finding daycare for kids that includes these types of enrichment programs can be a valuable addition to your child’s education. The learning opportunities are limitless and the additional interaction with other students will help to socialize your child. Ensure your child’s experience away from home is as stimulating as their time with the family via learning adventures.

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