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    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Tips To Make Kids Like His Preschool

    It is a common sight to see kids crying on the first day of preschool, but this becomes a problem when the kid cries regularly in school. Crying will hamper the development of the child and also he will not be able to learn anything.Most of the times it is found that children happen to cry in preschool and this become a serious cause of worry for the teachers as well as the parents. First of all, it is important to understand the reason behind this. Kids cry when they feel uncomfortable and when they find themselves helpless. It is important to make the kid feel comfortable in preschool as otherwise; he will not be able to learn. After all he needs to enjoy the developmental process that is going on there in order to derive any practical benefit from it.

    First it is necessary to understand that crying may not be always resentment towards the school. Most of the times, this behavior stays for a few days and after the child gets accustomed to the school, he rather begins to like it and is eager to go to his preschool every morning.

    Here are a few ways through which you can make your kid like his preschool and even stop him from crying.

    Make you Child Acquainted with Preschool

    This is a very primary activity that parents need to undertake even before formally enrolling the kid in the preschool. Take the kid for a casual visit to the preschool. It can be an occasional walk where you pass by the preschool and point it out and talk about it. Try to make the school building a part of her ‘world’ so that she feels familiar when she is enrolled in it.

    Arrange Play Dates

    Get in touch with the other parents who have also admitted their kids in that preschool. Arrange for play dates by inviting a few of those kids over. This way, the child will get used to the other members of the class and not feel out of place in an unknown setting.

    Help your Child Getting Acquainted with Teachers

    Similarly, get him to meet the teachers and introduce them more as friends so that the kid feels comfortable in their presence. The more the child gets used to the teachers and the kids of the class, there will be lesser chances for them to cry out of displeasure of discomfort.

    Make Preschool a Fun Activity

    Make preschool a fun activity for the child. Take your child along when you go to purchase his school bag or the lunch box. Make him feel excited that something really great is slated to happen at the preschool. Buy these things in his favourite colours or the shape of his favourite characters.

    Understand Child’s Expectations

    Work on his expectations. Parents need to prepare the child on what he is likely to expect at the preschool. Be patient as you allow the kid to prepare himself and patiently answer all his doubts and queries. Once he has all his questions answered, he will feel more confident and is likely not to get upset in the preschool environment.

    Talk About the Positives of Joining Preschool

    If the kid feels apprehensive on how he is going to feel outside home or leaving his parents, try to calm him down and say that he is likely to make good friends with his classmates and teachers as well. Allow him to perhaps take a token from home in his bag to preschool. This can be a small toy or his favourite drawing or picture.

    Finally, a great way to stop your kid from crying is to treat her/him. Promise the kid a treat after s/he gets back from school. This is to encourage the child to go to school and further the development of the kid. One thing that parents need to remember here is that they should not go overboard with the treats. The kid should never feel that they are bribed to do something.

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