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    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Tips To Develop Child's Physical Abilities

    After the age of three, every child has become much more quick and light in his movements. At this stage, physical, mental, intellectual and social skills are all mutually contributory to the overall development of the child.So, it is important that their physical mobility be developed well.

    Every parent can help children to develop physical abilities well, not by helping them directly, but by providing different opportunities so that they achieve milestones easily.

    Here are some tips to develop their physical abilities

    Three Year – Olds
    • The game listed below will help them.
    • Hopscotch
    • Holding hands and hopping on foot
    • Arm – swinging
    • Tricycling
    • Playing on the swing, see saw, and slide.

    These games are also good to work off excess energy

    Four Year – Olds

    By this age, a child can even carry a cup of liquid without spilling any of it.Now,offer the child activities that help muscle coordination.
    • A climbing frame on string ladder
    • Running races
    • Hill climbing
    • Rope climbing

    All the child’s muscles are working together now,and ply such as this gives him a work out for a wide range of movements.

    Five Year – Olds

    By five years, a child can walk in a straight line, go down the stairs on alternating feet, and enjoy games that require more skill, speed, and body coordination. It is time to introduce
    • Skates
    • Swings
    • Hang from ropes
    • Tree house
    • Remote – controlled toys

    Encourage adventurousness which challenges his coordination and menoeuvrability.Keep the child safe by having him wear protective clothing.

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