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    Saturday, March 03, 2012

    Tips For Setting Your Goals

    When we are child, we start our life with varied thoughts, fantasies and desires. Do these thoughts, fantasies and desires get realized? Why dont they get realized? Is the childhood ambition of becoming a doctor true?
    Actually our ambition is not our ambition. The ambition of our parents, societys and others associated comes along with us and becomes our ambition. Truly, it is very important to have an ambition of our own? Why do we need to have an ambition?

    What actually is the role of our parents, societys and others associated with us in deciding a goal?Is it for a good life? Is it for the society? Is it for those around us? Or, Is it for us? What is the reason we happen to miss our goal? Is it because we lack self-interest? Is it because you have failed to know your inherent skills? Or, Is there any other reason?

    In setting our goals, it is very important to analyse these factors. Well, if we happen to know our destiny, only then you can plan your approach. When we think about ambition, we are only reminded of those inspiring words deep rooted in our hearts by our parents. They stuff us with words of becoming an engineer, doctor, collector or any other fields related to the above.

    Some are able attain such pre-determined goals. Some are unable make it through. Every one of us should fix a goal according to our thinking and skill sets that we possess.If we take a look at those who have attained their goals, everything depends on the skills and the right attitude that they possess. Understanding their strengths and weakness.

    First of all we should understand what exactly are the various strength of a person? After discovering it, we should use it in the appropriate situations. Such situations do not come frequently, but once in a while. We should be prepared to use it at that particular juncture.

    Its not only enough to know your strengths, it is also important to use it at the right moment. Next, apart from knowing your strengths another crucial thing for a person to fix a goal is to know your weaknesses. Knowing how to transform their weakness into strengths is very important. Here lies the key to success.

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