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    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Tips For Mothers About Boys and Girls

    Being a girl or boy affects not only the rate of development of certain skills, but also their types. Let’s check some of characteristics of children of different genders.

    Here are the Tips For Mothers About Boys and Girls
    • In the preschool years, girls are better at jumping, hopping, and rhythmic movement and balance
    • A majority of girls talk earlier than boys. Girls string words together batter, and earlier, to make longer sentences, with better pronunciation.
    • Girls tend to read and write sooner than boys, and their grammar and spelling are better, too.
    • Girls are slightly better at arithmetic, in the early period.
    • Girls are more sociable, forming closer friendships.
    • It will be helpful to a young girl if you improve her spatial sense early by engaging her in board games, jigsaw puzzles, snakes and ladders etc.
    • Boys are more aggressive and dominant, and are more competitive.

    • After preschool years, boys are better at activities requiring running, jumping, and throwing.
    • Boys show better skills in mathematical reasoning, when they reach adolescence.
    • Boys are better almost every age at spatial visualization.
    • Boy can move three dimensional objects around in their minds, and better understand relationships in the physical world.
    • Boys are more likely to show all forms of physical, emotional, and intellectual vulnerability to stress, as well as more behavioral problems
    • It will helpful to introduce books early to a boy, and play lots of word games as he grow up,paying special attention to pronunciation.

    In terms of intellectual developments, there is no difference between boys and girls when I.Q test are performed.

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