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    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Teach Children How To Achieve Goals

    All parents wish that their child achieves success in life. And success naturally relates to achieving goals. How can you make your child prepared for this lifelong game of setting up goals and achieving them?

    We can anticipate another question here – should we, after all, allow little children to enter the stress-ridden world of goals and achievements so early? The answer is that we can introduce them to the concept of goals with no stress attached to it, and even make it a joyful experience.

    A 3 year old child is capable of understanding the concept of goals. All that you need to tell him is that a goal is something good that we want for ourselves, and we work for. Ask him to think of a goal for himself. It can be learning a new skill, like buttoning up his shirt. Or it might be solving a problem, like not getting dirty at school. You may write the goal down, and put a big circle beside it. Let the child fill in the circle as the goal is achived, bit by bit. When it is half-achived, the circle will be half- filled in.

    Help the child develop a plan. Give encouraging feedback at every step, your words always focusing on what is done, rather than on the child’s personality. Instead of calling him a good or a bad boy, call his accomplishments good or bad. This would give the child clear indication that your love for him does not fluctuate with his action.

    Join in youself, and you can enjoy the joy of togetherness with your child. For example, you might set up a goal to clean up the house, and work towards this goal together. Another, more playful, example might be to take an assortment of cardboard boxes and say ‘let us make a tower that’s three feet high. ‘Show the child how high three feet is. Also show him how to tower has to be planned, placing the larger boxes at the bottom. As this goal-play prodresses, reflect together, ’Isn’t this great?’

    Another tip would be to set jobs and responsibilities for each family member. For example a little child may be given the task of clearing away the dishes after dinner.A child learns best through play. And let us make maximum use of this tool, to prepare him to face the not-so-funny facts of life in a tension free way.

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