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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    Simple Tips to De-Stress Your Children

    Follow these simple tips for de-stressing your child.

    Find the Cause 
    The first thing that you should do is to find the exact cause behind the stress that is bothering your child. You can even talk to your child and find out what is troubling him or making him irritated. Try to get to the root of the problem and see whether it is something that is lacking in your child. Even after this conversation you will find that you have helped your child de-stress up to some extent.Children get relaxed just by having the feeling that their parents are concerned about them and their problems. This is also because parents most often keep them off saying they are still children.

    Have Lots of Patience and Tolerance 
    When you are dealing with things that are stressing out your child, you need lot of patience to listen and brain-wash him too from his fears. If you stay calm, chances are that your child will have a cool and calm attitude towards problems he will face in day to day life.

    Routine and Discipline 
    Make a routine and try to encourage regular study habits in your child. Give proper attention and guidance if required. Try to boost up their self esteem and help them face every problem with a positive attitude. Consistency is very important in your child’s life. If the child is left unorganized, stress comes in automatically.

    Encourage Extracurricular Activities 
    Encourage your child to participate in any extracurricular activities that attract him. These activities boost up self confidence in children. Do not let any kind of inferiority complex get into your child’s mind. This is extremely harmful for a child’s overall growth.

    Expect According to Your Child’s Ability 
    Always weigh up your child’s caliber and do not have very high expectations. Children feel extremely stressed if they cannot live up to their parents’ expectations.

    Set a Specific Bed Time 
    This should be strictly followed and unless until there is some special occasion or any kind of weekend attraction, do not deviate from this. Sleeping well and for required time will automatically de-stress your child. Deep and sound sleep relaxes mind and body and the child will get recharged for another day’s work.

    Set a Time for Hobby 
    Let your child find out and develop a hobby in which he actually finds interest. Performing an act that he enjoys doing will make him feel good.

    Set Some Limitations 
    Limit watching TV, playing video games and movies. Do not allow your child to listen to loud music or TV.

    If you find your child in a better mood, do not forget to tell him that you are happy to see him cheerful. This will convey to him that bad feelings do not last forever.

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