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    Saturday, March 24, 2012

    Simple Exercises For Children

    Simple exercises for children include running, skipping, cycling, jogging etc; which can be enjoyed by them very much. At the same time if they practice these exercises regularly, they can stay healthy and fit. Obesity is increasing in number in children these days and studies reveal that if nothing is done, more than 2/3 rd of them will grow as obese adults. Obesity itself invites various health problems like sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides this, it ruins the self-esteem of the suffering child.

    If you too find that your child is gaining weight, the best way to help him get into a healthy lifestyle is to start with some physical activity and then convince him to have healthy diet daily.

    Tips to Keep in Mind

    Warming Up

    Remember, warming up is very important no matter what type of exercise your child is going to do. This will help him do his exercise properly and also save him from injuries. Normal warming up exercises are walking briskly, jogging, skipping and many such activities.

    Involvement in Favorite Physical Activity

    You can encourage your child to start playing his favorite outdoor game so that he enjoys the workout program and also gets benefited by it.

    Encouraging Healthy Habits

    You can encourage your child to ride his bicycle instead of driving to short distances. He can also walk the distance. He can take a walk every afternoon with his dog or friend. Persuade him to use the stairs instead of the lift. You can also have a family exercise time in which your child can take part.

    Cooling Down

    Cooling down is equally important. This will help the child have his muscles and heart come at rest slowly.

    Simple exercises for children

    Taking brisk walk in the morning and evening helps a lot to reduce weight not only for children but for adults also.

    Running is a very good exercise and children love doing this. You can make few more children get involved in it and they will definitely enjoy the working out like a game.

    Kids love jogging and jumping in one place. You can put on some music so that they think it to be fun and excitement.

    Skipping is no more a game and physical activity for girls. Boys like rope skipping a lot and they enjoy it more like a game than workout.

    If you are living in a colony, there must be many children of the same age group as of your child. Make cycling a group activity and let them have some treasure hunting or simple cycling activity altogether.

    Today almost all apartments and colonies have a swimming pool and children love swimming especially in summer days. Make this a part of life and this is the best exercise to keep in shape.

    If your child has interest in dancing, let him join a dancing club or class and enjoy the physical activity.

    Girls would love to join aerobics classes.

    Yoga and Pranayama
    You can help your child make yoga as a part of his life. This will help him throughout his life.

    Horse Riding
    Kids love to have activity that helps them enjoy and have fun and horse riding is one of their favourites.

    These exercises can be chosen according to the age and interest of the child and availability of the facility in your area. You need to be patient because it may take some time to influence your child make it a habit.

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