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    Wednesday, March 07, 2012

    Seven Drops Tips For Parents

    We human beings experience the world through our sense. The development of children is especially influenced by how and what they taste’ touch’ smell, head and see. There are times when our children’s sense are unbalanced or over or under stimulated. This may be because of illness, disability or other circumstances. For instance, if a child has a temporary hearing problem owing to an infection or surgery, his other sense become more active to compensate for this thus he might come to prefer the sense of touch over other sense.

    As parents’ you should try to ensure that your child uses his sense in a balanced way. Provide opportunities for different play activities where the child uses all sensory experiences well. In a world filled with so many passive activities like computer and video games, children may lose out on opportunities for proper stimulation

    Here are some tips for parents about this, called ‘The Seven drops’

    1. Drop your voice. Whispers Sometimes make your children listen.
    2. Drop your body. Children feel more relaxed when adults come down to their body level.
    3. Drop Your TV remote, Find time to be with your child, whether it is by putting down your remote, newspaper or cell phone.
    4. Drop your guard. Let tour child take risks, so that they can truly experience success.
    5. Drop your defenses. If your child has problems don’t get defensive. Acknowledge the situation, and do what’s required
    6. Drop your batteries.Elaectonic toys and video games don’t stimulate kids. When kids play with toys that require brain power, they gain much more out of them.
    7. Drop your misconception that fun is silly.
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