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    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    Helping Children Manage Fear

    Fear is something children pick up. Early in their lives, all babies seem to be fearless, because they know nothing about dangers.Gradually, they learn that they need to watch out for dangers, and then they may start fearing the silliest things. The most daring baby thus becomes scared of his own shadow. The same child, who earlier, would put his hand into the jaws of a dog, will run away from a dog, screaming.

    Imagination and curiosity develop together in a child. He learns about some potential sangers,and the reasons why they happen. While making these connections, the child’s awareness makes him or her cautions, and something frightrned.Thus,’to be afraid’ is not exactly abnormal behaviour.Of course issues like overprotection from parents can make some children more fearful than others. And some children are also more fearful by nature. With a little care, parents can help their children to manage their fears.

    One of the most common childhood fears is the fear of the dark. Inability to see the things around makes the child’s imagination come alive, bringing up fearful images. This is perfectly normal behaviour.If your child is fearful of the dark; you could leave the bedroom door open, or leave a night light on.

    Fears can also be of tangible things like dogs, cockroaches, etc.You might think some such fears are unreasonable, but there is no use coercing them to overcome fear, by forcing them to confront objects that’s make them afrais.A more healthy of handling this world be to give them time to outgrow such fears. 

    Teach your child not to be ashamed of his fears. After all, fear is like a protective shield that keeps him away from dangers. Encourage him to talk about his fears. However it is not to say that your child should grow up as a coward. If he shows an unnatural fear of things, it definitely is time for you to step in, by helping him on, or by seeking professional heap.

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