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    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Five Steps To Solve Problem

    “My teacher scolds me daily”, “Brother is not talking to me”, My friends are not playing with me”. All children have complaint like these .Then they go their parents for support.

    But there is a question. Who should find the solution for children’s problems? Grown-ups or children themselves? Parents think that children do not have the ability to see things in the proper perspective, and the ability to find solutions. This is true to a creation extent. Children do not have same ability to reason as grown-ups.But with a little effort, we can help develop these qualities in our children.

    Let your children find solutions to their own problems yourself. You can help them in such situations. But do not try to solve problems yourself. This is imperative.Tricky solutions and hard problems have to solve by your children. This will teach them to think logically, to make decisions, and gain self-confidence. If you are there to solve their every problem, then it will not develop their personellity.Remember also that we all learn through our own mistakes!

    Here are some efficient ways to help children make their own decisions. There are five steps to solve a problem

    • What happened and how it happened
    • What are the solutions to the problem are.
    • What is the best solution is
    • How can the solution be implemented?
    • What are the results are

    First you can make the child explain what happened. Then make the child understand where the problem lies. Let the child find out the solution himself or herself. For example, if friends are not talking to the child, find out reasons by talking to your child. May be your child is hurting others. You should explain things to the child gently but firmly. Then let the child find the solution.

    Tell your children that there is a solution for every problem. Success lies in handling the problem effectively. Tackling small problems as children will help them face the bigger problems in future with ease and confidence.

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