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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    How To Prevent Reading Laziness.

    It is proven fact that in the first reading, some may be able to understand moderately, a few may not be able understand anything, which completely depends on the readers strength of the language used to communicate the subject. Hence, to understand the subject clearly one must repeatedly read the lessons few times in an extensive manner then followed by some intensive reading.So, if one is lazy to read the lessons it is highly impossible to do well in academics.

    First of all, one should understand that learning is a slow process that requires lot of patience. The reason to underline this statement is that many students think they have the self-belief to do last minute single reading and get through the subject. Getting through the subject may not be a problem, but scoring high marks according to the potential one possesses is much needed of a student.

    Hence, studying well requires both extensive and intensive reading. As a result, the time needed to read is more than what most students think, so they need to plan their studying hours accordingly.
    Although, a student possesses good understanding and intelligence, but is continuously found to do poor in academics. Reason for such poor performance is the reluctance to read the subject repetitively.

    Another think to highlight here is that to read one must need the patience to quietly sit in a place and carry out the reading without getting distracted. As a result, the students need to inculcate these two important traits during their school days- first, the patience to sit and read, then to develop the reading skill with understanding.

    Except for a few, sitting quietly in a place is one habit that is very difficult to master. But, it is highly essential for life as it is directly related to a pattern of self-discipline. If one has the ability to control his mind, it would be easy for him to sit in a place with getting much disturbed.

    Next, reading with understanding is another skill that requires constant practice. Starting from scratch, everyone may not have the ability to understand a full sentence at a shot. First knowing the meaning a single word may be a great achievement and then slowly understanding few related words would be the next success of understanding. In case there are too many difficult words it is highly important to understand the meaning of each word to proceed to the next phase of understanding, which may not be possible without the use of a dictionary to find the meaning. From there, it is important to take-off to the next phase of understanding the entire sentence without much difficulty.

    This could be achieved only through repeated reading and searching the meaning of hard words in the dictionary. Slowly, it is essential to put every meaning together to get the substance of the sentence and then relate it with the subject of topic.Therefore, do not feel sluggish to carry out repeated reading that could actually help to do better in academics.

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    1. haha I love your blog man. You have no idea how useful this has been for me.

    2. haha I love your blog man. You have no idea how useful this has been for me.


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