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    Monday, February 06, 2012

    How To Prepare For Final Exams ?

    The final exam makes anyone apprehensive. If you aren’t prepared, it would be so disgusting sitting in the examination hall pondering over the question and its relative subject materials and the flush to get any possible clue from any sort source would run from one end of the brain to all quarters. This happens to many people. The brain just shuts down and you begin to panic. The final exam can cause insomnia. But the thumb rule is that, you should sleep, instead of dumping all the possible things in one single night into the tiny, versatile brain.

    Here are tips to help you prepare and face your final exam.

    • Start preparing a week before the actual date of the final exam. To face your final exam confidently, you must spend several hours studying but not the previous night before the exams. But, we fail to do it most of the times. Instead, spending an hour each night for a week before the final exam, you will be able to slowly absorb and retain most of the information.
    • Reading bulk of material the week before the final exam would turn futile. Reading everyday is appropriate means take in information on a steady basis. If you try to read all that material in one week it is going to be too demanding and is considered as a faulty approach.
    • It is obligatory to memorize important things. If you pay attention in class your instructor is likely to mention few pieces of information and its significance for the final exams. Jot down these and memorize. While reading the text, highlight anything that you feel is important. The final exam will happen to appear like any other midterm exam to you.
    • Reflect on your midterm exams. Recollect the pattern of question paper. Most instructors use the same layout for the final exam. If you know that the test was a fill in the blank type test, you'll know to memorize important dates, names, and vocabulary words. If the layout is multiple choices you should study important facts.
    • If you listen to your instructor, he would be revealing the most of the things about the final exam. The instructor may give some finer points, they may tell you the layout of the final exam, and they may even give you a study sheet of the questions that will be asked.

    • After you have taken down important facts, names, vocabulary words, pieces of information your instructor gave you, and anything you highlighted in your textbook you should make a study sheet of this material. This will make it much easier for you to study for and get through your final exam.
    • You can also ask someone to quiz you. After completing your study, ask your friend or family member to ask questions. Ask them to highlight the unanswered questions, so that you work on it.
    • Quiz yourself. This may sound funny, but it works wonders. Take the information you didn't know and write it down on a piece of paper. This will allow you to quiz yourself and see if you have memorized the information.
    • Exchange views with your instructor. If your class instructor hasn't given your class any idea of what will be on the final exam, just ask. Your instructor might be willing to tell you the layout, what to study, etc.
    • Have the dates of exams written down. Nothing is worse than walking into class and finding out that today is the final exam. You may be bright and studious, but still not completely ready.

    This information would help you to face your final exam and equip to prepare for your exams. These tips should help you to succeed through your final exam.

    Dear friends if you like this tips kindly take a moment to share with your friends circles also.


    1. oh god why these details comes to me late...any way i can read the nice article for my next generation...thanks buddy!

    2. I enjoy being here I look forward to seeing your posts :)


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