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    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Developing Language Skills for Children

    It is an enriching experience to watch how a child develops language skills, right from the first time he or she blabbers “Mama”. And you need not, and should not, remain a passive observer watching the fun. Parents and teachers should be an active role in making children adept at using language.

    A little child starts to use language creatively and purposefully before the age of four. Ask them questions, making them think and responds. Children of this age also start to develop a sense of humour.It may not make much sense to the elders, as humor at this stage is mostly laughing aloud after saying something out of context. Just go along with your child, and feel happy to know that he or she is showing an ability to go beyond a literal understanding of spoken word.

    After four, a child starts to use language in a more active way. At this age, he or she is more intent in expressing a point of view rather than to listen to others. Let the child have his or her ways, and listen patiently.Later, tell the child that you have listened and that now it is his or her turn to listen.

    You need to see that children pick up the social use a language by the time they reach five.Now, language for them is an elementary tool for learing.Children of this age are often shy to meet or mingle with children they don’t know well. This results in their not knowing what to say when they meet people. Help them to get around this by teaching them some opening sentence like “Come, let us play with my Ball!”

    Encourage children to feel confident about asking questions. This is crucial not only to acquire knowledge at school, but also for personal reasons. Some children even fail to locate the toilet during their first days in school because they don’t have the courage to ask the teacher. One way to help them may be to make them ask for things at home, instead of giving them everything in advance, anticipating every need. You could also make the child ask the local shopkeeper politely for things that you need to buy.

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