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    Wednesday, February 01, 2012

    Better Study Tips For Students

    Students, first need to realize, whether you like it or not, studying is an essential part of life that cannot be avoided if you need to attain some basic social, economic status and lead a decent lifestyle. In fact, studying will probably dominate a significant part of your time. Before you get started, here are some tips for better study in school.

    Realization :
    Its time to reflect on that studies is required to keep your life going even after your good young days are over. When in college, there is always something better to do than study, but make sure to do the appropriate thing. If you choose fun over study time, surely you are likely to face some tough times when you ponder that few more hours and little more effort in studies would have certainly taken you to a place what just would seem to be dream latter.

    Study schedule:
    After getting syllabus for each subject, you should start planning your quarter or semesters. Planning may help you stay on track. With a good scheduling and proper execution definitely you don’t need to burn the mid-night oil. Scheduling allows you to spread out the work uniformly, avoiding needless tension, thus helping you to feel more relaxed. When writing down your schedule, try to make it realistic as well as challenging. Make note of important days like when papers and projects are supposed to be submitted and when you have semester exams and finals.

    Execute the schedule:
    It’s excellent to make a study schedule, but the next step is sticking on to it. Staying committed to your plan will probably help you to be more successful as well as reduce your stress level. When planning your schedule, you should allow a little time for unexpected life events. You never know when a birthday party or an unexpected late night movie would come your way. If you need to accommodate these unscheduled events, it shouldn’t interfere too much with your plan. Breaking-off too often from your schedule will leave you behind and overwhelmed.

    Select a good place to study:

    Identifying a good study spot is as essential as making a study schedule. Some students prefer reading out in places like lawns, parks, corridors and playgrounds. Some prefer the library because they have access to a variety of materials; most important point is the silence. Many libraries offer group study rooms, several desks, and common rooms, but some are able to offer only very minimal facilities like a common place where everyone reads. Finally, it is up to you to decide your suitable place to study. Regardless of what place you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and can concentrate. The ultimate think is that to use your time to the best of its availability.

    Here are some study tips:
    • Distraction is the biggest devil, which needs to be avoided at all costs. It will interrupt your ability to retain information very badly. Through some regular systematic practice of yoga exercises it can be avoided.
    • Every effort towards study and work must come out with willingness, not with compulsion.
    • Learn to use highlighters to emphasize certain points for easier reference later on.
    • As you read new material take some notes for future references. Additionally, this will help you retain what you read.
    • Don’t write down everything your professor says. Only make a note of the important points.
    • Ensure to review your notes immediately after a lecture. You are likely to remember everything you've listened only for short span of time.
    • Prioritize what you need to study, and get the most important work out of the way first.
    • Space your study with some breaks every now and then. A five to ten minute refresher every hour will help you work better.

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