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    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    Tips For Boost Up Child's Confidence

    Children need to grow up in a confident manner to be a person with self-assurance and authority. Bringing up children in timid manner would certainly unveil a personality with shyness, unassertive in approach and speech, and above all would not posses the grit to face challenges that come their way in life. Certainly, parents with a broad mind and good education background want to instill a can-do attitude in their children’s heart, so that they’ll bravely take-on new challenges and over a time, believe in themselves. Although, each child is clearly different, parents can follow some general guidelines to build confidence in their child.

    Self-confidence rises out from a certain successful challenging situation. In other words, children develop confidence not because parents persistently tell them they’re great, but because of their achievements, big or small. Surely, its good to hear encouraging words from parents. But words of praise would mean more when they refer to a child’s specific efforts or new abilities.

    Children get a sense of worth, as able and capable, and move into greater confidence when they happen to achieve something like fixing their bicycle or riding a bicycle on their own. Building self-confidence can begin very early. It probably even starts when babies learn to turn the pages of a book or babies learn to walk, they are getting the idea I can do it! Every new skill and milestone, kids can increase in confidence.

    All that parents need to do is to give children lot of opportunities to practice and master their skills, letting children make mistakes and being there to boost their spirits so they keep trying. Always, respond with interest and excitement when kids show off a new skill, and reward them with praise when they achieve a goal or make a good effort.By providing plentiful opportunities, good instruction, and lots of patience from parents, children can master basic skills. Then, when other important challenges present themselves, children can approach them with confidence that they have already been successful in other areas.

    Always stay beside and support through your patience.

    Definitely, monitoring is important to ensure that kids are safe. But to help them really learn a new skill, its also important not to be right behind them always. Give kids the opportunity to try something new, make mistakes, and learn from them. For instance, if your son wants to learn how to make a chicken curry, demonstrate, set up the ingredients, and let him give it a try. Almost, certainly he will make mess of the whole place, but thats how he can learn. But dont immediately pounce on him the next second some curry gets spilled down or he makes wrong move in making the chicken curry. In fact, avoid criticizing that could discourage him from trying again. If you step-in to finish the chicken curry, your son will think, May be, I am not fit to make chicken curry. But if you have patience for the disorder, the payoff will be great. Someday, soon hell be able to make a chicken curry for the entire family too.

    Never forget to encourage and Praise

    Sometimes, children give-up when they get frustrated. Facilitate by encouraging perseverance in the midst of setbacks. By trying again, children learn that obstacles can be overcome. Once children reach a goal, you need to praise not only the end result but also their determination. For instance, after your son has mastered making that chicken curry, offer him another chance of trying another new recipe. Even though, it may not seem like huge accomplishment, but they’re important steps in the right direction — toward your child’s independence. Throughout childhood, parents have lot of chances to prepare their children to take care of themselves. Its great feeling that you are there for them, but as kids steadily grow in confidence and independence, their relationship with you can be much richer that requires lot of wisdom and maturity. Children can be bonded, not only by dependence, but also by love and accomplishment.

    Finally, your grown-up children would have an opportunity to thank you with all their heart for how prepared they feel for the road ahead - a road they can take with confidence.

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