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    Tuesday, January 03, 2012

    SQ3R Reading Method For Children

    Many students are bewildered, when they are asked about the methodology they use to study. Many would say that careful reading once or twice to be the apt methodology to study a lesson or subject. Few others would surely have other tactics to study.

    In view of bringing clarity to the appropriate method of studying, “SQ3R” technique would be the most excellent, as time and again it has proved to be matchless. Mastering this technique would certainly increase ones grasping power.

    SQ3R comprises of Survey, Question, Read, Recite or Recall and Revise.

    First and foremost, the first thing that a student should do is to swiftly read through the entire lesson as if to survey the entire content of the chapter as it would help the student to absorb some information found in the chapter and create a good background of the lesson.

    Next, set objectives by asking as many questions about the topic. Particularly, ask questions about the issues that you feel is important.

    After rising as many questions as possible, start reading the lessons with those questions in your mind. Read carefully with all your concentration. It is also good to take notes while carrying out such active reading.

    Recall / Recite :
    After having read the lesson, tell it out loudly the points you have learnt. It is at this juncture the essence gets in to your memory part of the brain. After reciting, recall the matter. Repeated recalling will make the essence get in to your brain lastingly.

    Revise :
    Last of all is the most important step in learning revising. It ensures that you dont forget all that you have studied. Students must master the art quick revision.

    This method was designed to help people become more active in their reading and retain information more easily. If you can discipline yourself to use these tools, you will feel better prepared for class, have a better grasp of the material, and perform better on exams as well.

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