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    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    Routines Make Child Become Independent

    We don’t have any strict routines in our home. We want our children to develop a spirit of independence!”So said a parent in a recent interactive session. Her argument has some merit, because children need to develop their independence to face a world that is full of changes. Yet, is an absolute lack of order and routine the way of independence? Experts do not think so.

    In fact, it is out of an order setting that a child’s independence blossom’s best. A sense of order gives the child feeling of security. This is not always present in the worlds outside, and it is therefore, no wonder that child feels so secure inside the game.Outside,at the kindergarten or schoolchildren inevitability encounter many challenging new situations, and they are more likely to cope with them isf there is order at home. And routine is perhaps, the most important part of order.

    Some sets of routine are essential to bring order and peace to life at home. This does not mean that parents should become slaves to routine, abandoning spontaneity of any kind. What is needed is a flexible order – a framework in which children can develop the skills needed to develop independence.

    A good example would be the morning routine. Children often irritate parents in the morning with constant requests and demands. This would not happen in a home where a routine of what to do in the morning is clearly established. Children should be aware of what is required of them without constant remainders and help. They will become independent only if they are given them aware of what they are supposed to do, without anyone else’s intervention or interference.

    Another example would be the cleaning up routing. Children are seldom keen to tidy up after they finish playing or eating. Try establishing clear procedures for this.

    Make an effort to establish some simple routines that suit the needs of your family. Then you won’t have to constantly remind children about what they should do, stifling their sense of independence. They just need to follow the routine!

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