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    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    New Year Resolution List For Healthy Habits

    Many New Year’s resolutions focus on developing healthy habits. Here’s one that is important to make and keep: provide a regular diet of books and reading for your preschooler. You feed and care for your child every day so that he will grow into a healthy, happy preschooler. Similarly, you also need to provide experiences that will enhance language development and stimulate learning skills. 

    Try this list of activities:

    A daily reading routine will give all the readers in your family a chance to read with your preschooler. Dads, moms, siblings, caregivers, and friends can all be a part of ensuring your preschooler gets 20 minutes of being read to each day.

    Do things, and then talk about it
    It’s great to offer new experiences to your preschooler, such as a visit to the zoo or museum, but a trip to the grocery store or a neighborhood park can be just as educational. Talk about what you are seeing and ask your preschooler what he thinks of it. When possible, use interesting words to describe what you’re seeing.

    Read everywhere you go
    You can find reading on the road, at the bus stop, in the store, and at the restaurant. Play a game to find words when you are out and about or take a look at home for words on everyday items like cereal boxes, toothpaste, and household appliances.

    Be a reading role model
    Your child wants to imitate you and be like you. Have plenty of reading material for yourself as well as for your child. Tell your child how much you enjoy reading.

    Keep your pulse on progress
    Please be sure to see your child’s pediatrician or teacher as soon as possible if you have concerns about your child’s language development, hearing, or sight.

    Help Your Kids Succeed in School 
    Kids whose parents are involved in their education have better grades, a better attitude toward school, and more appropriate school behavior than those with less involved parents. 

    Consider also trying a few of these tips and make a big difference!
    Get involved

    • Visit your child’s classroom when you bring your child to school.
    • See if your school offers any workshops for parents, and arrange to go!
    Check on homework

    • Talk to your child each day about homework.
    • Help your child manage the workload by dividing assignments into smaller parts.
    • Give your child a good place to study—away from TV, phone, or loud music.
    • Do not use homework as a punishment; include it as part of the daily routine.
    Make home a good place for learning

    • Praise and encourage your child.
    • Be a role model for getting work done before play.
    • Establish a homework routine—same time, same place, every day.
    • Most importantly, read to your child or have him read to you every day.

    Contact your child’s teacher; don't wait for the school to contact you. Ask for specific activities you can do at home with your child. Meet with your child's teacher frequently until the problem is resolved.Try to find out why your child seems unhappy with school. Arrange for a conference with the teacher or school counselor. Listen carefully to your child before you offer any solutions.

    Hai  Everyone We wish you All Advance HAPPY NEW YEAR ! !

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