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    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Is Your Child A Bully ?

    How would you feel if the parents of your child’s classmates complain about your child’s bullying nature?.You would probably be greatly embarrassed. But don’t panic, or get angry about this. Instead, help your child to overcome this habit of bullying. Here are some tips on how to go about this

    Talk to your child about the distress his or her bullying causes to other children, so that he or she is aware of his ‘bad’behaviour.Kids may think teasing and bullying is fun. Tell children who bully, gently but firmly, that their behavior is unacceptable and undesirable.

    Ask a child why he or she is bullying others. Sometimes, a bully may have a psychological problem that needs to be dealt with first. Be empathetic and neutral rather than angry and loud when you speak to your child, so that you can get to root of the problem. Listen attentively to the child and to his or her viewpoint. Help your child to say sorry to the victim of his or her bullying. Help the child to write a note or make card.

    Think about why your child is bullying. There are many possible reasons for this:
    • The child is a victim of bullying in the past.
    • The child is exposed to violence – either at home, school or in the media.
    • The child is given stiff punishments and brought up very strictly.

    A bully finds it hard to make friends. If you can help your child make friends, perhaps he or she would not need to bully. How can you make your child friendly?

    Invite some kids whom he or she would like to befriend. Talk about friends, and the help pleasure friendship brings regularely.Tell your children that while it’s nice to be important, it’s more important to be nice! Spend extra time with your child.sometimes, a child bullies merely because he or she craves attention

    Read books about friendship, talk about relationships, feelings, and your own experiences with over bearing people and how unhappy they made you feel. Praise the child’s act of kindness and thoughtfulness to others, and tell him or her that this good behavior makes you proud!

    Limit your child’s exposure to violence on TV, and in books and movies. Do not condone or glorify acts of violence. Be in touch with your child’s teacher so that you can work together to transform bullying behavior patterns.

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