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    Friday, December 23, 2011

    How to Make Your Child Laugh

    It is easy to make a child laugh. It is rewarding too. You might have found delight in watching your child laugh at something funny. But has it ever greatest boost you can give for your child’s growth and development..?

    A joke that evokes laughter in a child might seem silly or foolish to an adult.Yet,it provides a valuable input as far as the child is concerned. While figuring out a joke, a child is also learning to make connections between ideas. A joke also provides a child with an opportunity to practice his or her learning skills like noticing details, or identifying similar sounds.

    A good sense of humor can also boost a child’s self esteem and social skills. Everybody knows that children who love a good laugh are usually very good and gives the child the ability to laugh at himself or herself.

    The best way to enjoy the laughter of children is to laugh with them. Get involved in things that can make them laugh, and here are some tips on how to accomplish this

    One is use sounds as much as possible in your conversations. Children associate most things with sounds. a crow, for them, is Caw Caw too, and a cat is a funny Meow. When you talk about something, try to make a related sound too. When an adult makes a good sound imitation, the child will find it very funny and start to laugh. While reading out a story, too, you can make the characters come alive by making all sorts of noises. Like for instance, ‘suddenly there came a lion, ROAARRRR..!’

    Another effective way is to make up rhymes when you spend time with the child.Dont bother too much about the quality of rhythm or the grammar and perfection of words. Children will appreciate how words and meaning connect with each other, creating nonsensical situations, and start to laugh.
    The most important thing of is of course, to share the fun!

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