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    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    How To Handle Childrens When Pet Dies..

    It is great to have a pet at home. It is a good experience for little kids, too, provided proper precautions are taken. Loving and caring for a pet brings out all that is best in a child’s character, and teaches him or her responsibility. And to be thoughtful and compassionate of another’s needs. Whether it is puppy, kitten, parrot or fish, wins the hearts of all the family members, and gradually becomes one of them.

    But at some point in time, all pet lovers have to face an unpleasant question – what happens when pet dies? The pet your child loves so much is sure to die at some point, and how will this loss affect him or her?
    No doubt, this loss will be really tough for the child. Quite often, family pets are the first to greet kids in the morning and after school. Your child could well be looking for comfort and companionship from the pet, when things look down.

    But, with l little care, grownups can help children cope with this sense of loss. The death of a pet might well be child’s first experience of losing a loved one. And learning how to deal with it can help him or her to cope with other losses throughout life.

    Try to break the sad news softly but directly, in a place where your child feels safe and comfortable. If you think your child is mature enough, it is okay to use word like ‘death’ and ‘dying. In any case, however, you need to be very careful about saying,” He has gone to sleep”, or “God has put him to sleep!” small children tend to take in meanings literally, and such statements can create scary misconceptions about sleep or surgery and anesthesia.

    Avid telling lis, like,”Tommy has gone on a trip…!”It is not likely to lessen the child’s sadness, and, he will probably be angry with you telling a lie, as and when the truth comes out.

    Children are likely to feel a variety of emotions at the loss of a pet like sadness, anger, a feeling of loneliness etc.Help them understand that it’s perfectly natural feel such emotions, and their feelings. There is no need to hide your own sadness from the kids. In fact it is comforting to them to know they are not alone in feeling sorrow

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